New Online Giving Page Design and Donor-Covered Fees (Beta)

Note: The new Online Giving Page Design (with Donor-Covered Fees), is still in beta and is not supported by phone and email. If you have feedback you'd like to provide, please submit it here.


Overview: The Breeze-provided online giving page allows you to accept credit card, debit card, and ACH bank transfer donations from anyone over the web. The new giving page design now makes giving easier and more beautiful for your donors!

Giving Page Design

General Settings for Web Giving

While these options are not new to the Web Giving settings, we have clarified some language to make setup even easier! These are the basic settings you'll need to customize in order to get up and running with online giving. 


List of general settings:

  • Payment Types: Credit Card, ACH (eCheck), both
  • Can Donate To: This shows a dropdown of all active funds in Breeze.
  • Select Multiple Funds: Allows donors to give to multiple funds.
    • Default Fund (only visible if above option is selected): Allows you to specify which fund is set as the default selection on the online giving page.
  • Comments: When checked displays a comments field on the online giving page

Appearance Settings for Web Giving

The appearance settings for web giving now allow you to easily bring your church's sense of style to your Breeze-provided giving page, while customizing the experience of your donors (like linking them to your website after donation!). 


List of appearance settings:

  • Page Text: This content will be displayed on the top of your online giving page.
  • Confirmation Page: This content will be displayed on the confirmation page that is displayed after a donor gives to your church.
  • Link to church website on confirmation page: This will display a button on the confirmation page linking the donor to a specified website.
    • Church Website Address (only visible if above option is selected): a place for the church to enter the URL for their church website
    • Button Text (only visible if above option is selected): This is the text that will be displayed on the button for going to the church website.
  • Theme: Color and image background options for you to get started. Also includes a Custom option where the church can create their own unique look.
    • Custom Theme (only appears if Custom is selected from the theme settings): Dropdown option with either “Color Background” or “Image Background”
    • Color Background (only appears if Custom is selected from the theme settings): Allows user to select a background color and button color.
    • Image Background (only appears if Custom is selected from the theme settings): Allows user to upload and image and set a button color.

All Theme options have a “Preview” option below it that will allow you to preview themes prior to saving. This will help you get the design just right before publishing the changes.

Notification Settings for Web Giving

While these options are not new to the Web Giving settings, we have better organized them to make customization easier! These are the customization options around notification emails that are received by the church, as well as the donor. 


List of notification settings:

  • Notifications: When checked, the church is emailed a notification of each donation received. 
    • Send Notifications To (only visible if above option is selected): Allows you to specify who should receive donation notifications on behalf of the church.
  • Email Receipts From: Allows you to specify who donation receipts should be sent from, on behalf of the church.
  • Email Receipt: Allows you to customize the the email receipt received by donors.


Donor-Covered Fees

Allowing Donors to Cover Processing Fees

If you’d like to allow your donors to cover processing fees for web giving, you can now turn on this feature in the settings of your Breeze Online Giving Page. This new feature not only introduces the idea of processing fees to your donor, but also allows them to take action and help offset this cost for the church. 



How it Works

When most donors give online they assume the amount that they are choosing to give is the amount that the church receives. In the world of online processing, this unfortunately isn’t the case, as there are processing fees involved. The “Allow Donors to Cover Fees” option simply ensures that the net amount received by the church matches the amount the donor wishes to give. 

In order to ensure the church receives the amount intended by the donor, we increase the gross amount given (which due to the fee percentage, increases the fee), until the net total matches the donor’s desired amount.

gross = (net + .3) / (1 - .029)

Here’s an example to help visualize this process. If a donor wishes to give $100 net to the church, we simply need to re-figure the gross amount in order to account for the fee percentage, and ensure that $100 is what the church receives.

gross = ($100 + .3) / (1 - .029) gross = $103.30

In this example, when giving by credit card, a gross amount of $103.30 is required for the church to receive the intended $100.

Note: To help cover rounding issues that may occur during the fee-application process, donor totals may vary by +$0.01 or -$0.01 from totals derived using the above formula. 


How Donor-Covered Fees Appear in an Online Giving Report

Donations where the donor has opted to cover the fees will appear in Online Giving Reporting accompanied by a heart icon, allowing you to easily differentiate between fees the church is responsible for, and fees with which donors have chosen to help. 


Donor-covered fees are also designated in Excel downloads. 


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