Map People


Ever wonder the proximity of a group of people in your database to each other? Maybe you are planning small groups and you want to see where everyone is located. Now you can do this using the Map People action within Breeze! 

Find a group of people, whether that be by Searching People, clicking on a tag, or running a report. Anywhere you have a list of people in Breeze you can use the action panel option of Map People to see a mapped location of the individuals in your list. 

  1. Find People
  2. Click "More" on the right-hand side of the list in the action panel to display more options. 
  3. Choose "Map People"



There are some nuances to this function that are important to know:

  • Latitude / Longitude for Bulk Imports aren't calculated right away. They're queued and we calculate it over the course of 24-48 hours.
  • In the case where you save an individual profile, Breeze will calculate latitude/longitude immediately.
  • Requires valid latitude/longitude (i.e. won't map PO Boxes).
  • It would require that the country setting for the account matches the country that it is attempting to map in.
  • (our mapping provider) will only look for the first two names in a city name to map.
  • Sometimes our mapping provider is unable to map an address and the issue is unknown. However, when this occurs, simply click to edit the profile's contact section and re-save it. This will fix the issue and the contact should map correctly.


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