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At Breeze, our mission has always been to serve churches well. We hope the free tool of blesses your church and helps you better serve your members in this unique season. is a free, simple-to-use registration form churches can email or text to members to pre-register for the service time and/or room they plan to attend. You can use Breeze to email or text the link!
The purpose of is to help make it easy to distribute your people across multiple services and rooms in order to adhere to social distancing guidelines.
With you can:
  • Create multiple service times and rooms
  • Set capacity limits
  • Generate a report of attendees
  • Automatically email members a confirmation of their selection
  • Additionally, you could even add the link to your member's profiles, so that they could access it via their Breeze App!

Keeping an accurate record of who attended in Breeze

As individual States and Countries prepare to reopen across the world, you may be in a location requiring that you keep accurate lists of those in attendance. The great news is you can do this with Breeze! 

While there are no integrations from with Breeze. We have a few suggestions on how you can easily keep a record of those who actually attended the event. We recommend having a greeter (or multiple greeters depending on the size of your church) with their cell phones Checking People into the Event.  As much as we love self-check-in, this keeps people from having to touch a computer screen/device and elevates fear of germs. 

Note: If you have multiple services/locations and you need to track who attended which service in what location you will want to Create an Event for each service you are having.

We recommend setting the Event Check in Eligibility to either "Everyone" or limiting down to tags of Members/ Regular attenders. 

To check people into an event the Greeter would need the Breeze App on their cell phone and login information, once logged in they would:

  1. Select the "Events" tab.
  2. Click the event for which they'd like to check people in.
  3. Click "Check In."

If new people who have never attended your church before register to attend a service, you will want to add a new person from the check-in page:

  1. On the check-in page, click the plus icon (+) in the top right corner to display the "Add Person" panel.
  2. Enter the person's name (and other information if it's being collected1).
  3. Click "Add"
1 You can specify what fields you want to show up when adding a new person from the check-in page. To specify the fields, see the event's settings.

Additionally, We recommend having "Check in By Family" turned on for the event so that greeters will only have to click one family member's name, and a list of all members in that family unit will populate for them to check in only those in attendance.

Here is a sample of what settings we suggest: Image_2020-05-19_at_11.04.38_AM.png

Running Reports / Contacting those who attended

Let's say you later need to contact those who attended on a specific Sunday for some reason. You can do this easily by using the Attendance Reports.

To see and contact a list of people who attended a given event:

  1. Select the "Events" tab from the top right.
  2. Click the event for which you'd like to see details.
  3. Click "View Details."
  4. On the left, select "Attenders."
  5. On the right-hand side use the Action Panel to communicate with those in attendance that day.

Additional information: 

If you are the church admin and offer to sign your attendees up for a service, you may find that you need to clear cache and cookies between each registration.

As of the week of May 25, 2020, now has a hard limit. In other words, users cannot exceed the limitation established for a given service or room.

Correction: It appears that, as long as an individual (or family) has the reopen link open, as long as they don't refresh the webpage, they will be able to sign-up as many people as were originally available at the time they accessed that link (even if the event fills up). It's not "real-time"-based, so in theory, people can still over-register if they keep that webpage open.

Getting Support for Reopen.Church

We'd love to help! This free project is supported via our Breeze ChMS Facebook Group. Ask any technical or best-practice questions you may have!

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