FAQ on Breeze + Tithely

We recently announced that Breeze has joined Tithely–the global leader in church technology. 

We’re so excited for the future of Breeze and how Breeze and Tithely together will allow us to better serve you and your church for years to come! We know that news like this may bring about many questions, so we’ve put together a few questions and answers that we hope will help.

Will I continue to experience the same great support from the Breeze team?

Yes! Our entire team of nearly 50 employees will remain and continue to serve you and your church with the same level of excellence you’ve come to know and love. When you have a question about Breeze, you can still talk to one of our Customer Advocates on the phone, schedule a meeting, or send us an email. We’re here for you!

Will the Breeze software change?

Breeze is continually improving our software to make it the best it can be to serve churches well. Breeze joining Tithely does not change that. In the short term, you won’t see or feel any major changes outside of the product updates Breeze has already been working on. Long term, Tithely and Breeze will look for opportunities to combine tools and resources to make Breeze even better for you and your church. 

Will the name change from Breeze to Tithely?

At this time, there are no plans to merge the two brands together. Breeze will continue to operate as a separate brand from Tithely. In short, Breeze will still be Breeze! :-)

Will I have to switch to Tithely’s giving tools?

No. You can continue to use the giving tools that best serve your church. Breeze will also continue to offer its existing built-in online and text giving tools. In time, we will look for ways to improve our built-in giving by leveraging the amazing giving tools Tithely offers.

Internal Note: If you get other questions that need answers, and we hear repeating of the same question, talk to your team leads. They will communicate with marketing and see if we can add to this list.