Printing Statements for those without Email Addresses from the Reports tab


When printing statements for those without email addresses, you may want to filter based on certain criteria (ex. certain funds, certain methods, a minimum of a certain amount given, etc.). As the "Print" button in the Statements tab will generate all eligible giving within your funds and date range, you can alternatively use the Reports feature to pull a more specific report of donors.

Step 1 - Tag all of your donors (and their families) that have an email in their profile

  1. Start at Tags and create a new tag with a unique tag name for this group of donors.
  2. Next, go to Giving >  Reports.
  3. Filter by your specified date range.
  4. Select the "More" dropdown on the report and check the "People" box. That filter will populate to the left of the word "More" on the report.
  5. Set your filter: scroll down to Contact -> Email Address -> and type a * in the box to include all of those with email addresses. Additionally, go to Other -> Search Type -> Family to pull in all of their family members.
  6. Once you've filtered your report, toggle to the "People" icon on the report and use the Action Panel to assign this group to your new tag.

This will ensure that you have your group of donors that are getting their statements sent by email, compared to receiving the statement printed.

Step 2 - Exclude this new tag in your Report

  1. Go back to Giving > Reports.
  2. Filter by your desired date range and any additional criteria such as fund, method, amount, etc.
  3. Select the "More" dropdown and check the "People" box. That filter will populate to the left of the word "More" on the report.
  4. Set your filter: scroll all the way down to Tags -> Does Not Contain -> [insert the new tag you've created]
  5. Once you've filtered your report, beside the "Download as Excel" button, select the dropdown arrow and select "Print Statement."

This will be your list of donors that do not have an email address in their household and have matched the criteria you have set in your report.


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