Printing Statements for those without Email Addresses from the Reports tab

When you need to print statements for donors without email addresses, using specific criteria (like certain funds, methods, or a minimum donation amount) can be helpful. Instead of using the general "Print" button in the Statements tab, which generates statements for all giving within your chosen funds and date range, the Reports feature allows for a more tailored approach.

Step 1: Tag Donors with Email Addresses

This step segregates donors receiving emailed statements from those who will get printed statements.

Create a New Tag:

  1. Go to Tags and create a new tag with a unique name for donors with email addresses.

Generate Report for Email Donors:

  1. Navigate to Giving > Reports.
  2. Set your date range.
  3. Click the "More" dropdown and select the "People" checkbox to add it to the report.
  4. Apply the filter: In the Contact section, select Email Address and type a "*" to include all donors with email addresses. Then, under Other, select Search Type > Family to include their family members.
  5. Assign this filtered group to your new tag using the "People" icon and the Action Panel.


Step 2: Exclude Tagged Donors in Your Report

This process creates a list of donors who don’t have an email address in their profile and meet your specified report criteria.

Set Up Report for Non-Email Donors:

  1. Return to Giving > Reports.
  2. Apply your desired date range and any additional criteria like fund, method, or amount.
    Select the "More" dropdown and check the "People" box.
  3. Apply the exclusion filter: Scroll to Tags and choose Does Not Contain, then select the tag you created.
  4. To generate statements, click the dropdown arrow beside the "Download as Excel" button and choose "Print Statement."
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