Church Windows - Export Instructions

We'd love to help your transition from Church Windows into Breeze go as smoothly as possible. If you get stuck along the way, have any questions, or would prefer to have us import your data (at no additional cost), don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

Exporting Data from Church Windows

Exporting People:

Depending on which version of Church Windows you have will determine which instructions set you will use. Try the first method, and if it doesn't work use the second.

1st Method:

  1. Within Church Windows, navigate to Membership -> Reports -> Directory -> Export
    • Print Membership Reports Window:
      • People tab:
        • Select a membership field: choose Individual #.
        • Make selections: Is not Blank.
        • Click the + Selection button.
        • Check "Members, Visitors, and Terminated/Inactive (if desired).
      • Click "Next" button (bottom of the screen)
    • Selections for Membership Report Window:
      • Options tab:
        • Select Mail Merge/Export.
        • Click the + button to add a report. Name it "Breeze_People".
        • Click the Select Fields button. Select all fields.
      • Export Options section:
        • For File, click the ... button and select the location of the export file.
          • i.e. C:\Temp\Breeze People.csv
        • Select Comma as the Delimiter.
        • Check Include year on Birth Date.
          • Make sure it's not only for children.
        • Enter in "Breeze People" in to the Export Name field.
      • Click the Export button (bottom of the screen).

2nd Method:

  1. Within Church Windows, navigate to Membership.
  2. Click the Contact List button. It's located at the bottom right corner of the window.
  3. In the Contact List window click the Print button. It's located in the top row of buttons.
    • Report Format window:
      • Select Mail Merge/Export.
      • Check Include year on Birth Date.
        • Make sure it's not only for children.
      • Click the New + button.
        • Mail Merge/Export window:
          • Title: "Breeze_People"
          • File Name: c:\temp\breeze_people
          • Separate fields with: {Comma} ()
          • Uncheck Include at End of Record.
          • Select the fields to import: click the Add all >> button to get everything.
          • Click the OK button.
      • Click the Next button.
      • When the preview of the report appears the export file has been created at the identified location.

Exporting Givings:

There are 2 versions of Church Windows. If you have the version that has "Donations" then you can export the givings easily. If you have the version with "Contributions" then you can only export the givings one year at a time to a PDF file, which is hard to convert properly to Excel.

Donations Version:

  1. In Church Windows, navigate to Donations -> Reports/Export -> Donation Reports -> Donations Log Report.
    • Donations Log Report Window
      • Filter tab: Set Date Range
      • Column tab: Set Columns & Suppression
        • Select these Columns:
          • Trans #
          • Donation Date
          • Batch Code
          • Check #
          • Account
          • Amount
          • Account ID
          • Account Name
          • Pymt. Method
          • Line Item Comments
          • Giver Name
          • Giver #
        • Check Suppress repeating transaction data.
        • Click the Print button.
      • Preview window:
        1. Click the Disk icon (Export Document).
        2. Select Excel Document.
        3. Save the file.

Contributions Version:

    1. Set the Year
      • Within Church Windows, navigate to Contributions- > Special Functions -> Contribution Profile -> Change Date.
      • Select the year.
    2. Create PDF
      • Within Church Windows, navigate to Contributions -> Reports -> Log Report.
      • Click the Select Printer button.
      • Select PDF if possible, if not available select XPS.
      • Click the Next button.
      • Click the Print All button.
      • Save the file.
You can only save one year at a time, repeat steps 1 and 2 for each year you want to export.

Importing Data into Breeze

  1. Sign in to your Breeze Account.
  2. Click the More tab in the top right.
  3. Click Tasks from the dropdown.
  4. Click the category on the left that you'd like to import (e.g. People, Giving, Tags, etc).
  5. Download and open the template file.
  6. Delete the sample data and populate the template file by copy/pasting applicable columns from your Church Windows exported file(s). Be sure to keep the first row of the template file intact.
  7. Save file as a .CSV file type.
  8. When finished, use the same screen to Upload your file to complete the import.
For more details on importing data into Breeze, see our documentation on importing.
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