Getting Started with Follow Ups

Assign follow-ups to staff or volunteers to reach out to new visitors, people who would like more membership information, attenders interested in volunteering, or any other follow up you'd like to create. 

Here is an example of a follow-up, imagine John Smith shows up at your church and fills out a connection card indicating that he's interested in information on volunteering in the middle school youth group and joining an adult small group. You can easily create a follow to automatically let the youth pastor and small groups pastor, informing them that John is interested in something pertaining to their area. Once the pastor's reach out to John in regard to his interest, they can mark the follow-up assignment as complete and even include an optional note.

Using Follow-Ups for processes like these and many others can ensure that people don't fall through the cracks, provide accountability for staff and volunteers in charge of ministries, and can ultimately help you serve your community better.

Overview of Assigned to Me

In the Assigned to Me section of Follow-Ups, you can quickly see follow-ups that have been assigned to your user, that are requiring action, as well as those you have previously completed. 

Here is a short video on the Assigned to Me section of Follow-Ups:


Overview of Assigned By Me

Here in the Assigned By Me section, you can view all of the follow-ups your user has assigned to others, check the status of follow ups you have assigned to see if they have been completed, view any notes that have been made, and much more! 

Here is a short video on the Assigned by Me section of Follow-Ups:

Overview of Assignments

You can easily search for completed and incomplete Follow Ups directly in the All Assignments Section. This allows you to search for Incomplete or Complete assignments, filter by Assignment option, and More! 

To search all Follow-Ups

  1. Navigate to "Follow-Ups > All Assignments."
  2. Use the search criteria at the top to narrow your search of Follow Ups.
  3. Follow-Ups that match your criteria will automatically appear below. 
    • You can use the columns option to add or remove additional details of the follow-ups from the view. 
    • Choose to Download results as Excel or add the Action Panel to complete an action.   

Overview of Options

The Follow Up Options Section is where you can manage the Follow-Ups that are available to be assigned, set the default user they should be assigned to, and the default time they have to complete this follow up. 

  1. Navigate to  Follow Ups > Options."
  2. Click "Add New Option" in the upper right.
  3. Fill in the fields.1
  4. Click "Create." This will now be an eligible follow up option when assigning a follow up.
1The "Assigned To" user and "Time to Complete" will show as the selected default options when creating new follow up assignments.

For more information on Creating New Follow Up Options view this article.

How to set up Follow Up Progressions

Have you ever thought about how to simplify processes? Do you have member-related tasks that are completed in steps?  Follow Up Progressions allows you to link specified follow-ups together, so when one follow up is marked complete another is automatically started. Have Breeze help you automagically set up follow ups that will continue to run for a person once the initial follow up is marked complete! 

  1. Go to the Account Settings (mceclip3.png) > Automations
  2. Click "+ Add Task"
  3. Select "Follow Up Progression"
  4. Choose the follow up that you would like to use to trigger another follow up upon its completion
  5. Choose the follow up that should be triggered
  6. Click "Add Task"

You can use the follow up progression automation to stack up as many automated follow up assignments as you would like. 

For instance, if you have three follow ups: "1st week visited", "2nd week visited", and "3rd week visited", you can create a Follow Up Progression that when "1st week visited" is completed, it will trigger the follow up for "2nd week visited".  You can then create an additional Follow Up Progression that when "2nd week visited" has been completed, "3rd week visited" will be triggered. 


How to Assign a Follow Up 

There are three places to assign follow ups. From within Follow Ups, a Profile, or Add "New Person". 

The video below walks through these three location options: 


How to edit or reassign a Follow Up

If you need to edit the content of a follow up, due date, add/change a note, or change who the follow up is assigned to, this will teach you how. 
To edit a follow up:
  1. Navigate to the follow up by searching for it.
  2. Click the edit icon to the right of the follow up.
  3. Make your changes and click "Save."


(this video intentionally has no sound) 

How to Delete an assigned Follow Up

If you would like to remove a follow up because you no longer need it, it won't be completed, it was a duplicate, etc., you can do so from the Follow Up page. 

To delete a follow up:

  1. Navigate to the follow up by searching for it.
  2. Click the delete icon to the right of the Follow Up.
  3. Click "OK" to confirm you want to delete it.


(this video intentionally has no sound) 


Follow Up Role Permissions:


Role permissions determine what a user has access to. When Editing a Role these are the permissions that give the user access to follow-ups: 

  • View Assigned To Me allows the Role to view follow ups that have been assigned to and completed by their user. 
  • View Assigned By Me allows the Role to view follow ups that have been assigned by them, as well as, assignments that were assigned by them that have been completed. 
  • View Assigned To Others allows the Role to view all follow up assignments and search for them based on the filters of status, assignment option, assigned to, assigned by, person, assigned date, due date, and completed date.
  • Assign Follow Ups allows the Role to assign follow ups, either from the Follow Up section or from an individual's profile.
  • Edit Follow Ups allows the Role to Modify follow ups that have already been assigned. 
  • Delete Follow Ups allows the Role to Delete follow ups. This permission provides an (x) icon to the right of visible follow up assignments, respecting other permission you have granted such as assigned by me, to me, assigned to others, etc. 
  • Modify Follow Up Options  allows the Role to Add, Edit, and Delete the Types of Follow Up Options Available
  • Can Mark as Complete Follow Ups Assigned to Others allows the Role to mark follow ups assigned to other people as Complete