Printing Statements for Children

If you are wanting to print separate statements for "children" in your database who have given throughout the year, you can easily do this following the steps below: 

  1. Navigate to Giving > Reports
  2. Run a report based on the date ranges you would like giving to be included in this statement.
  3. Select the "more" filter option and select "people". 
  4. Set the "People" Filter (drop-down) using the profile field "Family Role" and select "Child"Image_2020-11-17_at_1.28.11_PM.png

Once the giving has populated in the report, you can customize and generate your statements for these children in your search results. 

Note: You will want to deselect "group by family" when generating these statements, otherwise, the statements will be addressed to the parents.  Reference Using Family Roles to understand what to do with adult children who should receive their own statement without having to complete the above steps.