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When customizing your statement, it is important to understand the resources available to you in the Modify Statement window. Regardless of if you are modifying your statement through the "Email Statement" option or the "Print Statement" option the Modify Statements editor box allows for you to customize your statements to be exactly as you want them to appear when you send out a statement from your organization. The statement in the "Modify Statement Window" at the time you send your statements will be what is printed, or emailed. 

To access the Modify Statement Editor

  1. Click the "Email Statement" option
  2. Click the Blue "Continue to Compose Message" button.
  3. At the bottom of the Compose Message Window, there should be a "Giving Statement Preview" hyperlink. Click on this.
  4. This will open a new "Preview Statement Window" where you can hit the blue "Customize Statement" button to make changes to your statement.
  5. Immediately preview the changes you are making to the statement in live time by clicking "save"


Options within the First Row of the Formatting Tool Bar


  • Bold allows you to bold text in your statement 
  • Italicized allows you to italicize text in your statement 
  • Underlined, you guessed it, allows you to underline text in your statement. 
  • Text Color allows you to change the color of the text. 
  • Background color allows you to change theImage_2020-11-12_at_3.38.58_PM.png
  • Select Mail Merge Options to show the list of items able to be mail merged (included) in your statement
  • Upload an image or a signature the statement 
  • ... (this opens up the second row of formatting options)


Options within the Second Row of the Formatting Tool Bar

(Select the ... in the first row to reveal the second row of the formatting options)


  • Font Sizes allow you to highlight text and change the font size.
  • Templates allow you to use Breeze-provided templates, save new templates, replace templates, and delete templates. 
  • Left Align formats your text with a left alignment
  • Center Align formats your text with a center alignment
  • Right Align formats your text with a right alignment. 
  • Table allows you to input tables into your statements
  • Full Screen allows you to modify your statement in a fullscreen view rather than a small box. 
  • More reveals more options. 
    • Bullet List allows you to add bullet points into the content of your statement.
    • Numbered List allows you to add a numbered list into your statement 
    • Horizontal Line inserts a Horizontal Line that can provide a clear separation between parts of your statement.  
    • Page Break will insert a page break where you place it in your statement. This can be helpful when writing a cover letter and wanting your statement to be on a separate page. (A blank page will appear.)

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