You have the ability to choose to "install" and "uninstall" extensions for the entire Breeze account from the "Extensions" option.

Installing an Extension to Breeze

To install an extension to the Breeze account,

  1. Navigate to Extensions 
  2. On the Extensions Page, view available extensions, and click "View Details" under the extension you would like to install. 
  3. In the upper right corner, click "Install Extension."


If you install an extension to Breeze, your role and any role with access to "Extensions" will be updated to include access to this extension. If another role needs to access this extension, an admin will need to go to Account Settings > Users and Roles > Roles and edit the role to include this specific added extension. 

Uninstalling an Extension from Breeze

To uninstall an extension from the Breeze account,

  1. Navigate to "Extensions" 
  2. On the Extensions Page, find the specific extension you would like to uninstall and click "Manage." 
  3. Select "Uninstall"
  4. A warning will pop up stating, "Are you sure you want to uninstall [Extension]? Uninstalling will remove access to this extension for all users." Click "Uninstall for all Users"



Quickbooks Extension Specific Permissions

In order to Download the QuickBooks File (Contribution data) from the QuickBooks Desktop extension the user will need to have the role permission of Contributions > Reports > View Reports and Names on Reports.  This is expected as this user will be exporting contribution data from Breeze, including names on the report. 



If a user has access to the QuickBooks Desktop extension but does not have access to the above permission of Contributions > Reports > View Reports and Names on Reports, the user will hit a Permission Denied page instructing them to reach out to an Admin to edit the role permissions. 


Updating a Role to have access to Extensions

If someone needs access to an extension that they currently do not have access to their role will need to be edited. You will need to grant permission to the specific extension they need (extension must first be installed on the account to see the permission in roles), or provide that role the permission of the "Extensions" page where they can add extensions. 

  1. Navigate to Account Settings
  2. Users and Roles 
  3. Click the Pencil to the right of the Role you would like to edit
  4. Select the extension(s) you would like to add to the role
  5. "Update Role"
Granting a role access to "Extensions" would allow any user with this role to add (and remove) any of the extensions to the account. As we add new extensions in the future, it would allow this user to purchase extensions. 

Things to Know about Extensions Page Change

As we rolled out the new extensions page (April 2021), If a role in your account had access to a specific extension(s) and it (the extension) was actively in use, we granted that role access (role permission) to that specific extension(s). You will notice these extensions are now quickly accessible in main navigation bar. Dashboard__Breeze_2021-03-19_at_12.24.55_PM.jpg

As we rolled out the new extensions, If a role in your account had access to any of the Extensions and either the permission of Users and Roles or General Settings (Under Manage Account) the role was then defaulted with access (role permission) to the new extensions page allowing the ability to add and remove extensions for the entire account.