How to Use Breeze Service Planning

Now, churches can craft an order of service right within Breeze! Streamlining communication with volunteers and keeping the congregation in sync.

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Accessing Service Planning


The Service Planning feature is available to all organizations. Access to Service Plans is governed by the Events permissions in Breeze:

  • View Events Permission: Grants a user the ability to see the service plan.
  • Edit Events Permission: Empowers a user to modify the service plan fully.


  1. Event Calendar Navigation: Start on the main Event calendar.
  2. Event Selection: Click on your desired event to view its submenu.
  3. Service Plan Option: Here, you'll notice the "Service Plan" button. Clicking it will direct you to the planning space.
    • Alternative: If you click 'View Details' on an event, you can also access the "Plan" option.

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Setting up Your Service Plan

Starting Your Plan:

Creation Options:

  • Blank Plan: Start with a fresh canvas.
  • Saved Template: Utilize a previously saved template as your starting point.

Structuring Your Plan with Sections & Items:


  • Act as headings to categorize your plan, e.g., "Worship," "Sermon."
  • Easily add or remove sections as needed.

Items: Diverse item types allow flexibility in your planning:

  • General Items: For any miscellaneous information.
  • Scripture Items: Share reading details and descriptions.
  • Notes: Serve as reminders or cues for the team.
  • Songs: Detailed song entries include title, duration, description, and key. Attach relevant documents or links to online resources.

Editing & Reordering:

  • Item Modification: Click on any item or section to make changes.
  • Reordering: Drag and drop to rearrange items or sections for optimal sequence.

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Utilizing Templates:

  • Saving Your Template: If you've crafted a plan that can be reused, save it as a template for quick future setups.
  • Using a Saved Template: Start a plan with your template, making necessary adjustments specific to the event.

Collaborating and Sharing:

  • Printing: Print your plan using the "more" menu for physical copies.
  • Email Collaboration: Share your plan with others by emailing links. They can view or edit based on the permissions you set.

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Best Practices for Effective Service Planning

  • Templates: Speed up the planning process for recurring services by creating and utilizing templates.
  • Event Timing: Remember, if an event is set as all-day, timestamps won't appear on the service plan.
  • Attachments: Use external storage links, such as Google Drive or Dropbox, for easy access to relevant materials.

Example of a Service Plan:

Service Flow - 10.08.23.png

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