Using Envelope Numbers


Giving by envelope number, sometimes called "giving number," allows you to assign a number to a specific person. When entering contributions, they can then be associated with a specific person simply by supplying that person's envelope number. This can help increase confidentiality so that those entering contributions do not necessarily know who gave them.

Add Envelope

To add an envelope number association:

  1. Navigate to "More > Contributions."
  2. Click "Envelopes" on the left (after clicking "More").
  3. Click the "Add Entry" button in the upper right.
  4. Supply the envelope number and person you'd like it associated with.
  5. Click "Add."


Bulk Add Envelope Numbers

If you wish to add many envelope numbers at once, see our Import Giving Envelopes article. 

Delete Envelope

  1. Navigate to "More > Contributions."
  2. Click "Envelopes" on the left (after clicking "More").
  3. Click the "Delete" icon to the right of the envelope number you'd like to delete.
Deleting envelope associations will not delete contributions given using those envelope numbers. When adding contributions by envelope number, the envelope acts as a pointer to assign the contribution to the person, not the envelope number.

Exporting Envelopes

Click the "download as excel" button in the top right corner of the envelopes page to export a list of all of your envelope numbers.

The excel sheet will include:

Envelope Number, First name, Last Name, Family Name, Street Address, City, State & Zip



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  • I am trying to make a list of envelope numbers and contributor in alphabetical order, however, I do not want family members listed twice. Can this be done? Also when you bring report over in excel the report  reverts back to envelope number order.

  • @eileen8439

    The goal here would be for you to sort the column while in Excel! Simply select the column that you want to sort and click the sort tool at the top of your excel window and it will sort it accordingly! 


  • I had an individual with a giving number but no name.  I've now connected his envelope number to his name but when I run a year-end giving report with his name, there is no giving shown in 2019, only 2020.  What am I not doing?

  • @greg

    Whichever profile the # was connected to before there was a name is probably the one that the 2019 gifts are connected to. I would suggest giving us a call so that we can run through this with you to get to a resolution!