Follow Ups Overview

Follow Ups allow tasks to be assigned to staff or volunteers in relation to a specific person in the database. One of the most common uses for Follow Ups is for following up with someone who is interested in more information about a specific area in the church.

For instance, imagine John Smith shows up at your church and fills out a connection card indicating that he's interested in information on volunteering in the middle school youth group and joining an adult small group.

An administrator would enter John's connection card into Breeze and an email would automatically be sent to the youth pastor notifying them that John was interested in volunteer information. An email would also automatically be sent to the small groups pastor informing them that John was interested in joining a group.

The youth pastor and small groups pastor can then reach out to John in regards to John's interest and afterward, mark the assignment as complete and include an optional note.

Using Follow Ups for processes like these and many others can ensure that people don't fall through the cracks, provide accountability for staff and volunteers in charge of ministries, and can ultimately help you serve your community better.

Note: Users need to make Follow Up Options first before Assigning Follow Ups.


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