Using QuickBooks Desktop Version with Breeze

QuickBooks ( is a leader in the market of accounting software. Breeze intentionally limits its financial scope to tracking contributions. We don't attempt to be a full accounting program with accounts payable and accounts receivable because frankly, we think QuickBooks is doing a great job with this. We'd rather let QuickBooks do what they do well and allow us to focus on what we do well, that being church management software.

Given this philosophy, we want to give you the power of QuickBooks should you choose to use it along with Breeze. While Breeze can run most reports that churches are typically interested in, if you'd like to combine your contribution data with QuickBooks, this extension allows you to download your Breeze contribution data whenever you'd like and import it into the desktop version of QuickBooks so that your QuickBooks records can include giving records from Breeze without the need to double-enter them.

Note that this brings over each individual contribution into Quickbooks and does not contain what fund the contributions go towards. If you're interested in just bringing over fund totals, we recommend using the contribution search which includes a funds summary that can quickly be manually typed into Quickbooks rather than adding complexity with an unneeded integration.

To import your most recent contributions into Quickbooks:

  1. Navigate to "More > Quickbooks."
  2. Download the Quickbooks File (the Quickbooks file is a .IFF file)
  3. Import the file into your desktop version of Quickbooks by:
    1. Opening your desktop version of QuickBooks. If you have multiple licenses, ensure you are in single user mode.
    2. Back up your current copy of QuickBooks. (QuickBooks has no way of undoing an import, so this is a good practice whenever importing data.)
    3. Navigate to "File < Utilities < Import < IIF File..."
    4. Select your IIF File (the Breeze file that was generated from the Quickbooks extension).
    5. The import will take place and you will get a confirmation that the import is complete.
If using "Quickbooks Online" or another accounting system, we recommend this alternate approach.
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  • Does it work with Quicken Online?

  • Hi @cfludd!

    At this time it does not. However, we recommend this alternate approach. :) 

  • I would really appreciate step by step instructions as to how to enter online giving into QuickBooks.  I understand they are done weekly, by batch.  However, the batch total does not reflect fees that have been deducted.  Also, the batch does not match with the online giving report on Breeze. There are 3 in the batch and only 2 on the report. New to this and I am very confused. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.  Thank you!

  • @officeepiphanyktx

    Great question come here! We certainly understand that reconciling your online giving is incredibly important and requires great accuracy. The suggestion here, would be not to reconcile based off of a batch alone, but based on your transfer history report. The transfer history report is the only report that will show you exactly when your transfer will deposit and which gifts will be included in it. This article will be helpful to you: Reconciling Online Giving 

    Also feel free to give us a call and schedule a meeting so that we can run through this step-by-step with you!

  • Just starting QuicKbooks nonprofit desktop version for 2019. Want to enter donation summary report for weekly deposit. Totally confused how to do. Do not want to transfer giving records. Just want to enter in deposit info with different income accounts Worried now we have selected wrong software. HELP!

  • @Lindawhit41

    We're taking this over to support to better serve you!

  • I'm fairly new to Breeze as I recently started working here. I see that when a new amount shows up in the online giving I can choose to change when it will be deposited. I also see the possibility of having it deposited into a different account. We have two bank accounts that these offering eventually go into but I have to transfer that myself within the banking system. It would be nice if I could send each one to the correct account from Breeze. I didn't want to add another account before asking someone if this is what they mean.

    What I really would like is that when the person giving the gift chooses the Fund, Breeze would send it to the Bank account we have associated with that Fund. But I'm thinking that is not possible. Just asking though.

  • @info

    Great question here! You are correct in that Breeze can only be connected to ONE bank account at a time. The functionality for a bank account to be assigned to a specific Fund does not currently exist within Breeze. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause for you!


  • Ok, Although I wish otherwise, I understand that Breeze can only be connected to one bank account at a time. But what about the first paragraph with my question about the possibility of me (manually) sending the individual offering to a different account. Is that actually possible?

    I'm looking at the place where when it shows a new online offering. It says I can change the date of the deposit and "add a new account".


  • Hi! I am new to Breeze and I am having trouble finding where to locate the batch that I sent to my QB's. 

    I followed the bouncing ball and got a confirmation. I'm just not sure where it went. I thought it would go into each fund # (410, 409, etc.). But it's not there.


  • Hey @Kit Craft,

    I'm glad I was able to help you over the phone recently. Our instructions are designed to help you export into Quickbooks, but since everyone has their Quickbooks set up differently, we at Breeze can't offer support on Quickbooks systems. Their support should be able to help you with the importing process if you need additional help beyond our instructions.

    I hope this helps!

  • I am brand new to Breeze and just getting ready to set up QB in our church office. I see that online giving can be imported, but my question is, is there a way to import “people” that are entered into Breeze, into QB?

  • Hey @flores60413!

    This is a great question! While there is no automatically integrated way to import people from Breeze into Quickbooks, it may be possible to export your people from Breeze and import them into Quickbooks. I apologize as we do not offer support for how to input those people into Quickbooks, but here is how you can get a list of people out of Breeze! :)

    1. Navigate to the  "Account Settings" (the gear icon) on the top right.
    2. Choose "Manage Account."
    3. Select "Export." (on the left)
    4. Select "People" from the drop-down.
    5. Click "Export."

    For more information on this topic, here is a great Help Center article: Exporting Your Data. 

    I hope this is helpful! Have a wonderful day!