Using Planning Center with Breeze


Planning Center ( is a powerful tool that helps churches organize services, schedule volunteers, and more.

The problem churches can face when using Planning Center along with a church management system is that they end up having to maintain two databases. One database for people within Planning Center and the other for people within their church management system.

Breeze looks to solve this by integrating with Planning Center so that changes made to people within Breeze are reflected within Planning Center. Breeze will not put all of your people into Planning Center, rather you can decide who gets synchronized and who does not. (Planning Center's pricing model is based on the number of people in your Planning Center database, so we won't add anyone unless you tell us to add them.)

The integration syncronizes with Planning Center's "People" module so that all other Planning Center modules can use the data. 

How to Connect Your Planning Center Account with Breeze

To connect to your Planning Center account from Breeze:
  1. Navigate to "More > Planning Center Online."
  2. Click the "Connect to your Planning Center Online Account" button.
  3. If not logged in, log in with your Planning Center username and password.
  4. You will be prompted to allow Breeze to access your Planning Center account. Grant Breeze access.
  5. You're connected! See "Synchronize" below for how to use the integration.


How to Synchronize Breeze Profiles with PCO People

Once you connect your Planning Center account, you'll see a list of all of the individuals in your Planning Center People module within Breeze. You are then able to select which person or people you'd like to synchronize.
  1. Click the unlink icon () icon to the right of a name you'd like to synchronize.
  2. Select whether or not you're synchronizing this person with a New Person* or Existing Profile in Breeze.
  3. Save the changes.

When the Breeze profiles of synced individuals are updated, Planning Center will automatically update as well.

*If you choose to add a New Person when synchronizing from PCO to Breeze, it will only bring the first and last name over from PCO for the Breeze profile. Once additional profile information is added to the Breeze profile (in the fields outlined below), that information will show and overwrite what is in Planning Center.


How to Add Someone to PCO from Breeze

If you have someone in Breeze that you'd like to put in Planning Center's People module, have no fear, we've made it simple! All you have to do is navigate to:

  1. More > Extensions > Planning Center Online
  2. Search for the person's Breeze profile
  3. Select "Add Person to Planning Center"

That's it! With the click of a button, they are synced and added to Planning Center. 


How to Unlink a Profile

If you'd like to break the connection for an individual profile, this can easily be done!

  1. More > Extensions > Planning Center Online
  2. Search for the person's Breeze profile
  3. Select the "unlink" icon on the right-hand side and Confirm. 

What Information is Shared with PCO

The list below represents the profile information that Breeze will automatically update in Planning Center Online:

First Name
Middle Name
Nick Name
Last Name
Email Address
Home Phone
Mobile Phone
Work Phone
Birth Date
Graduation Year
Synchronization is one way, from Breeze to Planning Center, meaning that changes made in Breeze will be reflected in Planning Center but changes made in Planning Center will not be reflected in Breeze. We recommend using Breeze as the 'hub'.

How to Disconnect Your PCO Account from Breeze

To disconnect Planning Center from Breeze:

  1. Navigate to "More > Extensions > Planning Center Online."
  2. Click "Disconnect" in the bottom right.
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  • Can I do a batch import of people from Breeze to PCO?

  • Hey @rmalone, 

    That's a great question!  As it turns out, you can only do one person at a time.  However, if you just need to bulk import your people, and they're all within Planning Center, you can export a CSV file from PCO and do a bulk import into Breeze.

    Click here for instructions on exporting from planning center. 

    Click here for instructions on bulk importing into Breeze.

    I hope this helps!

  • Any plans to support pushing calendar items from Breeze to Planning Center for volunteer scheduling purposes?

  • Hey @sstack!

    Great question! At this time that is currently not on our development roadmap. However, we are in the middle of our beta testing of our Volunteer 2.0. 

    I recommend subscribing to our blog to stay updated on future feature releases!


  • Is there a way to import a Household to PCO?

    As I see it currently, I can add each individual but then have to go to PC and build them back into households.

    Thanks in advance!

  • @chris

    Thanks for taking a moment to reach out to the breeze community! It appears that your question would be best handled by the planning center customer support. Unfortunately, we have limited information on the nuances behind PCO Importing. 

    Please let us know if there's anything else that we can do to serve!



  • When I hooked PC up with Breeze, after entering all my volunteers in PC but BEFORE they had been asked to set up a PC account, they all got THREE emails alerting them to changes in their accounts (one for email, one for address, one for phone number).  UGH!  They all thought we'd been hacked.  Did I miss something?  Was there a way to turn off that notification process?  It really got us off on the wrong foot with Planning Center as our scheduling tool  

    (Also, please note I couldn't send them PC invite emails until I had email addresses in the PC system, so this seems doubly crazy!)


  • @lauriee

    This is something that we would definitely need to troubleshoot further! Would you be able to bring this request over to our Support channels so that we can get you to the right people for a resolution? This would be the best step moving forward!

  • Happy to, thanks!


  • When you use check-in through Planning Center, does it post attendance in the Breeze event?

  • @lisamarshburn

    Unfortunately, PCO doesn't communicate with Breeze like this. Breeze will only communicate with the People module in PCO that allows you to update contact info in Breeze so that it will update in PCO. The Check-In module doesn't communicate with Breeze. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause!      

  • Can PCO Giving module integrate with Breeze pledge management?

  • We use Breeze as our ChMS and Planning Center for Services (Worship).  when I tried to add someone to Planning Center from Breeze I run into a problem with their name.  Adding one person at a time, instead of their name being entered into PC (Planning Center) they are assigned a number (for their first name) and a number for their last name. If I then go into PC and find that person (and Edit the name changing it from numerics to their actual name) then when I go back to Breeze on the Planning Center Connect page within breeze the numeric name is now replaced with the correct name.  see this video recording of what I'm describing.

    the email address, home address get added into PC correctly. It's only the name that seems to be a problem. It's as if PC can't read the name being given by Breeze and assigns a temporary numeric name.

  • @linda

    Great question! Unfortunately, these two do not communicate together. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

  • We would love to be able to sync schedules between PCO & Breeze... Devs should really look into it.

  • Great idea @office! I would say this is a great feature request to submit to our team. Our integration now will help you sync profile information between the two, making using both of these programs easier on your users. :) 

  • People sync is all well and good, but the main reason most churches started using PCO was for worship service planning and scheduling.  Our church schedules all of our other volunteer positions in Breeze, but Worship team has been handled through PCO for 10 years.  Once worship planning and scheduling are happening in PCO, it is easier to start tracking other things in PCO than to manage schedules for volunteers in two disparate systems, and worship pastors tend to make recommendations on technology in most churches...  They aren't moving away from PCO (and you have admittedly said that you are not going to offer a competitive service for worship planning) so instead they recommend moving to PCO for everything.

    Offering some scheduling synchronization would allow churches to utilize PCO for worship planning and scheduling, but maintain their overall volunteer scheduling in 1 system (Breeze) and shouldn't even be that great of a lift.  ie - if you already have an API connection, and are synching people, why not create blackout dates in PCO when those people are scheduled for certain positions in Breeze that conflict?  Or replicate the worship team scheduling from PCO into Breeze?

    This seems like it should be a clear priority for development effort...  but I read earlier in the comments that it was not on the roadmap as of last year?  Can you provide any updates to this request?

  • Hi @kniskern,

    Great to hear from you and I appreciate you reaching out about the desire to have Breeze integrate more heavily with PCO or to see further development in the capabilities of Breeze volunteers with music scheduling. 

    You make some great points about how helpful this would be and how this would improve Breeze overall and make it more marketable for your church over PCO. I do think it would be helpful to develop things along these lines in the future! I am sad to say that at this time it is not on the development roadmap. This is because our team is working on a major rewrite of all sections of Breeze and has decided to table some other things while they focus on the long-term stability and feel of Breeze overall. I also know that inquiries like this, can help move the needle forward, so I will be sure to mention and advocate for this to my team. I also would love to invite you to fill out a feature request for this, as I know our product team always likes to hear about these things directly from our customers.

    Thank you again for your feedback and I hope that with your feedback we can improve.