Statements for Non-Givers

While non-givers do not appear in statements, we realize that you may want to send a quarterly updates to members (non-givers included), that gives an update of what has or has not been given so far for the year. 

If you want to generate statements for those who did not give, this is considered a letter, as there is nothing to actually generate a report on.

  1. Navigate to More > Contributions > Reports
  2. Run a contribution report for the date range of giving you want to generate statements and include giving for. 
  3. Below the Date filter at the top-left of the report, select the Graph icon.   mceclip0.jpg
  4. Scroll down to the Givers vs Non Givers graph.
  5. Click on the Non Givers bar to generate a list of non givers. 
  6. From here, use the Action Panel to either email or export a letter for this group.


No statement mail merge fields are available as they haven't contributed anything yet this year. 

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