New Add Contributions (Beta)

Experience enhanced functionality with streamlined access to essential features for adding contributions. Enable the beta version with a simple click and enjoy visual changes that display batch information, track entry counts and total amounts, and easily close batches. Select funds, input giving methods, and dates effortlessly. Explore the revamped Add Person Modal for seamless addition of new individuals and family members. Customize fields, assign roles, and apply tags or follow-ups with ease.
If you are using a beta version of Add Contributions,  Beta features are not supported by phone or email. You can click here to provide feedback.

We are excited to release the New Add Add Contributions (Beta). Functionally, absolutely nothing has changed with this update! We simply wanted to surface more of the information you typically need to access when adding contributions with fewer clicks to get it!

Enabling Add Add Contributions (Beta)

To enable this option, Click the Use New Beta link at the top of your page!


Add Contributions (Beta) visual changes


  1. Displays the batch you are currently adding giving transactions to, and changes the batch if you would like to add a giving transaction to a different batch.
  2. See how many entries have been made to the current batch and the total dollar amount of the giving transactions you have added.
  3. Allows for you to close the batch you are adding giving transactions to (only visible after you have added your first giving transaction to the batch) 
  4. Click on "View Batch" to view the information of your current batch in its totality within reports. 
  5. The ability to select a Fund is now visible by default on the + Add Contributions page. You may also notice that the Fund ID is visible when selecting the fund. 
  6. Select the method of the giving you are inputting. To add additional method details (check number, account number, Last 4 of card, note) click the "Add Additional Details"
  7. Easily input the date the gift was given, now visible by default on the + Add Contributions page.

New Add Person Modal in Giving

If you are adding giving transactions in Breeze using the New Add Contributions (Beta) and need to Add a new person to Breeze, you will notice an entirely new look to the add person modal in this location! 

When typing in a person's name, and the individual is not in your database, you will see the + Person Not Found - Click to Add.


To add or remove fields from appearing on the add person modal, click on the "Specify Display Fields" on the right side of the modal, # 1 in the image below. When this option is collapsed, it looks like #2 in the image below. 


Add multiple family members at one time to Breeze by hitting the + Family Member, selecting if you want to add a new person or an existing person, and then filling out the information for each person in the family before hitting the blue "Add x People"



Use the Family section to assign family roles to each person you are adding. If you need to remove people, perhaps you added someone by mistake, you can do so by hitting the "X Remove".


If you are adding multiple family members at one time, the Add Contributions window will pull the first person you added into the Add Person modal (the name on the far left at the top).

Easily Assign new people you are adding to Tags, or Assign Follow  Ups right from the add person modal. Select the tags or follow-ups you would like to assign, and when you "Add" the new person, any follow-up selected will trigger, and the person will be assigned to the selected tags. 


If you make a multiple-choice selection, you can now easily "Clear Selection" if you selected a choice in error and need to leave the field blank. 


If you are using a beta version of Add Contributions Beta features are not supported by phone or email. You can click here to provide feedback.