Archiving Individuals in Breeze: Effects and Considerations

Optimize Your Breeze Experience: Archiving Individuals for Efficient Data Management. Discover how archiving individuals in Breeze ChMS streamlines your processes while ensuring data integrity. By archiving, you gain control over data visibility, limit actions, and manage giving transactions effectively. Learn the essential steps and implications of archiving individuals, from adjusting people counts to managing user accounts and maintaining tag assignments. Enhance your Breeze experience today with our comprehensive guide!


  • The 'People Found' count will be adjusted to reflect the archived individuals.
  • Archived individuals will no longer appear in search results.
  • They will not be included in 'action panel' tasks such as bulk email, text, and export.
  • However, if you need to perform 'action panel' tasks on archived individuals, you can use the advanced filter 'include archived' to access them.

User Accounts

  • Even when a profile is archived, the User will still have access to their Member account.
    • Any modifications to their profile are restricted based on their permissions.
    • Their name will be accompanied by the term "Archived" in parentheses.
    • When trying to click to edit a section in their profile, they will notice a "Lock" in the section title field. This behavior is the same as trying to edit an archived profile as an admin.


  • Archived individuals will no longer appear in the tag listing.
  • Tag assignments for archived profiles are retained for historical records.


  • Archived individuals will appear in the attendance history.
  • You can perform 'action panel' tasks such as bulk email, text, and export on archived individuals.


  • Year-end statements will still be sent to archived individuals.
  • Giving transactions involving archived individuals will continue to appear in searches/reports, and the archived person's name will be displayed.
  • 'Action panel' tasks such as bulk email, text, and export can be performed on archived individuals.
  • Note that the envelope number associated with them must be deleted separately when archiving someone. When un-archiving someone, the envelope number needs to be added back.

Giving Associations

  • Giving associations will remain tied to a profile even if that profile is archived.


  • Archiving an individual in Breeze means that their profile and pledge will continue to be displayed in the campaign. However, once archived, no new Giving Transactions can be recorded for that person. This means that any future contributions towards the pledge will not be noted or attributed to the archived individual.


  • The Merge People function will not search through archived individuals.
  • When adding a new person (via check-in, the "add person" button on the People tab, or through forms), the archive will be checked at that point.

Archived Individuals Management