Archiving a Person or Restoring Archived People


Archiving people allows you to remove a person from showing up on exports and communications but still keep their profile available if you ever need to reference it. Typically this would be used for:

  • archiving deceased individuals( see note below before archiving)
  • archiving people who no longer attend your church 

Archive a Person

To archive a person:

  1. Navigate to the person's profile.
  2. On the left, select "Archive" from the menu (after clicking "More" to expose the additional options).
  3. Click the "Archive Person" button on the bottom right of the popup window.

Archive Multiple People

To archive multiple people:

  1. Navigate to any list of people via the advanced search.
  2. On the right, click "Archive" from the menu (after clicking "More Actions" to expose the additional options).
  3. Click the "Archive People" button on the bottom right of the popup window. 
  4. You can also archive any number of people from your search by selecting the checkmark next to their name in the search list.

View Archived People

To view archived people:

  1. Select the "People" tab from the top right.
  2. In the upper-right corner, select the down arrow to the right of the "Add Person" button.
  3. Select "View Archived People" from the drop-down list.

Restoring an Archived Person

To restore an archived person:

  1. Select the "People" tab from the top right.
  2. In the upper-right corner, select the down arrow to the right of the "Add Person" button.
  3. Select "View Archived People" from the drop-down list.
  4. Click the undo icon to the right of the person you'd like to restore.
To easily find a person in the long list of individuals use Command or Control + F on your computer and type in the name you are looking for.
If you archived a person that's already archived, their name will appear twice in the archived list found under the "Add Person" dropdown. For instance: I look for Fred Flintstone in the archived list. I look at his profile for information. After finding what I need, I "archive" him again. The next time I view the archived list, his name appears twice, and it will need to be un-archived twice for Fred to show up in "People" again.

Additionally, the system will search archived people to alert you of potential duplicates when you are adding a new person to the system by Clicking +Add Person on the People tab, If the person you are trying to add has been archived, a red potential duplicate alert will come up.  Click theClick the circular arrow icon, to restore this person to the database.


User Permission Settings to Archive and View Archived People 

To give users permissions to archive and/or view archived people: 

  1. Navigate to "Users&Roles" under the "More" tab in the top right.
  2. Select "Roles" from the left menu and edit (using the pencil icon) the desired role. 
  3. Expand permission options next to People > Actions > Archive. 
  4. Select "Archive People" to allow users to archive and unarchive people. 
  5. Select "View Archived People" to allow users to view archived people.
If someone passes, their gift should still be counted as a contribution to the church. It's also important that if there's a surviving spouse or family member, that the person can receive an end-of-year statement for that person for tax purposes. Generally what we would recommend before you archive someone who is deceased is that you would move their contributions to a surviving family member before you archive them.
To change someone's giving to have come from someone else:
  1. Navigate to the person who the gifts are currently recorded as having come from.
  2. Select "Giving" on the menu to the left of their profile.
  3. On the top right, click the drop down arrow to the right of the "Download as Excel" button.
  4. Select "Move Contributions", select the person you'd like them to now come from, and click "Move".


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  • When I archive a head of household, will the entire family be archived? Or do I need to go through and archive each adult and child in the household?  


  • Hi @terri!

    It will just archive that one individual, not the entire family. :) 

  • When you archive someone that is currently listed as a member, I'm assuming this takes them off your "members" list including email, etc...?

  • Hey @office!

    Yes, however statements are triggered for EVERYONE that has a contribution within criteria (archived AND non-archived). 

  • Is there a way to archive an entire family all at the same time?

  • Hey @katrinaspalding!

    Great question. The only way to archive multiple people whether an entire family or separate individuals is to:

    1. Navigate to any list of people via the advanced search.
    2. On the right, click "Archive" from the menu (after clicking "More Actions" to expose the additional options).
    3. Click the "Archive People" button on the bottom right of the popup window. 

    I know this may not be the ideal answer you were hoping for but I do hope it's helpful information.


  • Thanks Emily!

  • I would like to be able to restore an archived person from the people search instead of having to search them, then go to the archive list, scroll through the list, and click the undo button.



  • Hi @pbland!

    Greetings! Thanks for your feedback here about how we can improve breeze--we’re always on the hunt for the next great idea to serve churches better! Currently we are not accepting feature requests via the Community forum. For more information about submitting a feature request, please check out


  • Hello!  So, we tried to "tag" all active people and all archived people via an automated task so that when doing Sunday service attendance, only "active" people show up in the list and it is fewer people to sort through.  When I look under People > Advanced Options > Archived there are 552 people.  But, when I go to the tag, which is propagated by the automated task using "archived" as the filter, there are 0 people.  ???  Where did I go wrong?  THANKS!

  • Hi @Katherine! Thanks for reaching out! We definitely want to ensure those automated tasks are set-up correctly so they work smoothly for attendance! One thing to note is: you won't be able to view anyone in Tags (even an "Archived" tag) who are currently archived. This is to help prevent confusion so Archived people remain archived. I'm going to reach out to you via email as well to ensure that makes sense!

  • I would like to keep a deceased person in the "Family", but not have them included in mailings. I tried the Archive, but they were no longer connected, that I could see, to the Family. I have checked their status as deceased, but the deceased were printed in the mailing anyway. Thanks.

  • @office

    You would need to create a Deceased Tag first. Once you've populated that Tag with the desired people, you would then be able to Filter the Database for everyone EXCEPT the people in that Tag. This will be the list you'll want to Export for your Mailings! - Keep in mind, this will work but this isn't the Best Practice. Review these Articles for further information: Archiving People Things To Know


  • When someone is archived, are they still able to log into breeze? For example, if we had someone who transferred membership to another church, would they be able to access our directory if we archived them? Is there another step to make their account inactive?

  • Hey @technology, 

    That's a great question!  When you archive someone, you're only archiving their record, not removing their Breeze user account.  Therefore, you will also have to delete their user account.  

    Here's an article that walks you through the steps for deleting users:
    Deleting a User

    I hope this helps!  Stay Breezy!

  • I have an active family that we are not able to print labels for the children. Every one has tried. They are assigned to a class, the printer works, everyone else that we check in works. I thought about deleting them and re enter but I can't find that option. Thank you for any help!

  • @Laurieleewilliams

    Hey! We are going to take this request over to support so that we can better serve you!


  • Hello - If I archive someone will they not receive e-mails from us?  We want to know if we should archive them or delete them.  Thank you! 

  • I accidentally Archived my whole database is there a way you can undo that action? I don’t want to unarchive everyone as I would not know which ones should be archived.

  • @ John Stevens

    Nate here with Breeze Support...hey, this is something we definitely want to help you (and I believe we certainly can help you) get figured out...would you mind emailing us at  Feel free to type my name in the subject line so I can further assist.

    Breezy Blessings!


  • I wish there was a way to search within the archived people. Often I have a specific person I'm looking to unarchive and I have to scroll through the entire list.

  • I agree with officejourneychurch! Is there any way to add a search feature to archive?  Or is there a preferred process that needs to happen to move people from archive to dropped?  Thanks! 


  • @officejourneychurch and @terri

    Thanks so much for the feedback about being able to search Archived people.  While there isn't a search bar when you are in the "View Archived People" dropdown, there is a work around that may help.

    You can use your browser's search feature.  So, click Control+F on a PC or Command+F on a Mac while in the list of Archived people.  You can then search for the name you are looking for in the Archives.

    Hope that helps!


  • If we archive a person, for instance, a person who lives out of town and not in regular attendance, but occasionally gives, will that contribution automatically be tied to their account and will they still receive a year-end statement? Is there a better way to organize those types of people?

  • Hey @amyn!

    Thank you for reaching out about this! To answer your question, once you archive a person, when they give again it will not automatically associate to their account. Essentially, when you archive someone it freezes their profile so they will not receive credit for their new donation unless they are unarchived! While this is the case, if someone donates in 2021 before they are archived, and then they get archived, they will still receive a giving statement at the end of the year!

    As far as the best way to organize these types of people, instead of archiving them, we recommend either creating an additional "Status" field such as "Out of Town," or creating a tag for "Out of Town Donors," and adding all of those people in that tag to help keep track of those people!

    For more information on this topic, be sure to check out the following Help Center articles: Archiving People Things To Know and Customizing Profile Fields.

    Have a great day! :) 

  • Is there anyway that I can set up so if someone hasn’t attended in over six months or a year that the system will automatically archive them without me having to manually do it?

  • Hey @juedes16!

    This is a great question! Currently, there is no way to auto-archive someone in Breeze, as you have mentioned, but I really love this idea! 

    This would be such an awesome feature to have in the future as I know it would be very helpful to our Breeze family! As this is a current limitation of Breeze, this would be a great feature request to submit to our Product team, and for more information on our Feature Request form, check out our feature request article here: Submitting Feature RequestsPlease know that these requests do not fall on deaf ears--all feedback is read by our Product team and is used for future development efforts.

    Have a wonderful day! :)