How to Archive Those Who Have Not Attended or Given in the Last 6 Months.

To streamline church member management, begin by tagging non-attendees and recent donors using Breeze ChMS. Generate reports to identify those who haven't attended in six months and those who've recently given. Use these insights to filter and pinpoint members for potential archiving. This efficient process helps maintain an updated and active church member database, ensuring resources are focused on engaging the community effectively.


  • While we can absolutely achieve this, it is not a single process, however, it will be a lot quicker than viewing each person's individual profile for this information!  If we may make a recommendation, we would also double check this against givers for the last 6 months. Simply to ensure that you are not archiving someone who has given recently but maybe has not attended for a multiple of reasons.  

The first step, is to create two new Tags - For example: "Have not attended the last 6 months" and one called "Givers"

The second step, is to Create an Attendance Report by following the steps below:

  1. Select the "Events" tab from the top left bar.
  2. Click the event for which you'd like to see details, any event will do.
  3. Click "View Details."
  4. On the left select "Reports."
  5. Use the Attendance Report Filters to fine-tune the table report to isolate the desired information.
  6. You will want to include all possible eligible events they could have attended. 
  7. Change the Attendance filter to "Missed" > "The Last" > "24 Weeks"
  8. Click on the people icon.
  9. ​​​Use the Action Panel to Tag everyone who populates into your "Have not attended the last 6 months" tag.

Now we are going to find our givers to make sure that we do not archive someone who has given recently, as that would not be good. 

Searching Giving Transactions and Creating Giving Reports

  1. Navigate to "Giving > Reports."
  2. Using the options on the top, select the criteria you'd like to search by.
  3. Results matching your criteria will automatically appear below.
  4. Below the "Date" filter at the top of the report, select the person icon.
  5. This will give you a list and you can use the action panel to tag all of your givers into that "Givers" tag.

You will then want to Search People

  1. Select the "People" tab from the top right.
  2. On the left, click "Show More Filter Options."
  3. Select all of the criteria you would like to filter by; Tags > Contains > "Have not attended the last 6 months" tag. Tags > Does Not Contain > "Givers" tag. 
  4. This should populate for you a list of everyone who has not attended any events and has not given to the church (based on your search parameters)
  5. Archive these People by:
    1. On the right, click "Archive" from the action panel (after clicking "More Actions" to expose the additional options).
    2. Click the "Archive People" button on the bottom right of the popup window. 
    3. You can also archive any number of people from your search by selecting the checkmark next to their name in the search list.