Updating Multiple People at Once

You can update multiple people at once without needing to open each person's profile individually. This could be used, for instance, if you wanted to mark a list of 30 people who attended a membership class as having the status "Member."

To do update multiple people:

  1. From the People page, you can run an advanced search by using the options on the left hand side of the screen (under Show More Filter Options), by using a specific tag, or by simply clicking the check mark next to each profile.
  2. On the right, click More Options and then Update People.
  3. Select the field you'd like to update, select the value the field should be updated to, and click "Update."


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  • Is there a special character (as in the search functions) if I'd like to remove the contents of a field for the people I'm updating?


  • Hey @Petetasker,

    To remove the contents of a field, you can leave the field blank and it will remove the field for everyone selected!

  • Why are only certain profile fields available to update?

  • Hi @marlibranders! It might be possible that your permission only allows certain fields to be edited. In other words, you may have permission to view specific profile fields, but you may not have permission to edit the contents within those fields. I would ask your Breeze administrator for additional permission as needed, and please feel free to reach out at support@breezechms.com for some more help here! :) 

  • I have combed through the help topic but not seeing an option to "search" multiple people with different names at once. I have a list of 10 names that I would like to search and then export with having to add them to a tag or status. Any way to do this? We often need to search by name not a particular classification.

  • Hey @njatcko!
    Thanks for reaching out! While there is a way to search by name using "Show More Filter Options" in "People," there's currently not a way to search multiple people with different names at once, and group them for an export without those people being in the same tag or having the same profile field (such as "Status"). I sincerely apologize for this limitation, and know this is frustrating! :( 
    This is a part of our "search" tool within Breeze that can definitely be improved! I want to encourage you to reach out to our Product team with this valid concern, as they are in the process of re-writing Breeze and making improvements for our Breeze family! You can learn more about sending a feature request here: Submitting Feature Requests. Please know that these requests do not fall on deaf ears--all feedback is read by our Product team and is used for future development efforts. Additionally, I'll make sure to make this great idea you provided known to my team leads as well.
    Have a wonderful day!