Unchecking A Multiple Choice Selection

If you've mistakenly made a selection in a multiple-choice field within a profile, there's an effective workaround to correct this. Begin by navigating to the "People" section and searching for the individual(s) whose profile needs adjustment. Utilize the Action Panel on the right to choose "Update People," then select the field in question. Instead of choosing an option, directly click "Update" to apply the correction. This simple process ensures that any accidental selections can be easily and quickly fixed.


  1. Go to "People"
  2. Type in the name of the individual whose profile information needs to be fixed. Or Search People and Select the specific person /people you are looking to update this information for. 
  3. Use the Action Panel on the right side and select "Update People"
  4. Select the field which needs to be updated. 
  5. Do not select an option, simply click the "Update" button.

The profile will now be updated.