Using the Action Panel

Overview: The Action Panel allows you to quickly take action with a group a people, whether it be to contact them directly, export specified information out to Excel, create mailing labels, and more! 



Accessing the Action Panel

The Action Panel can be used from a variety of pages, however, it is most commonly accessed from the People tab.  

It also exists in each Tag, Event Attenders, Contribution Reports, Form Results, and more. 

Here's a breakdown of what each "Action" does.

Email People


Text People

  • Send a text out to the people in your list.
  • See Texting People for more information. 



  • Exporting allows you to a number of different function.
  • You can export to excel, a printed (or pdf) directory, create mailing labels (you can customize the size), make name tags, or customize a letter. 
  • See Exporting People for more details. 



Assign to Tags

  • Bulk assign your list to one or multiple tags at once.


Remove From Tags

  • Bulk remove your list to one or multiple tags at once. 



Update People

  • You can update a list of people who need to have the same profile field all at once.  For instance, if you just finished a membership class and you need to change the "status" from 'attender' to 'member' for those who attended you can do it in bulk all at once! 
  • See Updating Multiple People at Once for more information. 


Archive People


Delete People

  • This tool will allow you to permanently delete people in your list. 





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