Exporting People

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    What permissions does a user need to be able to export a database in this way?  One of my non-admin users, who is a committee chair and to whom I've given a lot of permissions including 'export' can export the entire list using the menu on the top bar but cannot do it this way using a search.  Does she have to have the 'users and roles' permission to be able to do this? Is downloading a directory or excel spreadsheet only available to admins?

    Because our Giving team plans to use this list to plan their approach for our annual pledge drive, and it's irritating if they have to go through the admin to get to the information they need.

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    Hey @dre!  The permission that you'll look for (after going to More > Users and Roles > Roles > edit the specific role) will be found under People > Actions > Export.  See the screenshot below for the exact location. 

    Keep in mind that they will only be able to export the people that they have permission to access.  So, if your role doesn't have any permissions under "People > View" (or minimal permissions) then they won't be able to export people.  

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