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    We are trying to run a print off for all those in our database to confirm their submitted data. Unfortunately we have found the "letter" export function to be very limited in the ability to edit a document. Is there any chance these function will be expanded? 

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    Emily W.

    Hey @pastor!

    You bring up some great points in what you're trying to accomplish in Breeze. While we can get to your desired results eventually, you're just bumping in to some of our limitations within the letter export. One recommendation for updating those in the database, is giving them member access to be able to update their own information. 

    Here are some additional resources:

    Allowing Members to Have an Account in Breeze

    Giving Members Access Video

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    Niki Kelley

    We are sending a letter out to the congregation and grouping them in families. I like this option to export directly into a Word file. We would like to add head of household AND spouse names to the salutation, but it will only add full names or just the HOH. More merge options would be nice :)

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    Emily W.

    Hi @nkelley!

    Thank you so much for this feedback! You bring up some great points in what you're trying to accomplish in Breeze through adding more options for mail merge. We’re always on the hunt for the next great idea to serve churches better! Currently we are not accepting feature requests via the Community forum. For more information about submitting a feature request, please check out


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    Can I create and save a custom letter template in Breeze?

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    Emily W.

    Hey @cathy!

    While you cannot save custom letter templates in Breeze, you can save email templates. I have provided an article below that will give you more information in regards to email templates.
    Using Email Templates

    While this information may not be ideal, I do hope the information is helpful.

    Happy Breezing. 

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