Export Zipcodes from Breeze to Excel

When exporting data from Breeze to Excel, you may notice missing leading zeros in zip codes. This happens because Excel's default formatting removes those zeros. However, there's a simple solution to ensure your zip codes appear correctly. Follow these easy steps to format the zip code column in Excel and keep those essential leading zeros intact.

Note: This issue is specific to Excel's default formatting and can affect any numbers with leading zeros, not just zip codes.

  1. Open your exported Excel document and locate the column containing the zip codes.

  2. Right-click on the letter at the top of the zip code column. A menu will appear.

  3. Select "Format Cells" from the menu options.

  4. In the "Format Cells" dialog box, go to the "Number" tab.

  5. Choose the "Special" category from the list of formatting options.

  6. Look for "Zip Code" among the available formats and select it.

  7. Click "OK" to apply the formatting changes.

  8. Your zip codes will now be displayed correctly with the leading zeros preserved.
    Remember to save your updated Excel document to maintain the formatting.

Following these straightforward steps ensures that your exported zip codes in Excel retain their leading zeros.