Creating & Customizing a Printed Directory

Create a Print Directory

  1. Pull up the list of people by running an advanced search.
  2. On the right, click "Export."
  3. Select "Directory" from the dropdown list.
  4. Check your desired options and click "Download."
  5. Now you can print your Directory from your Browser!

Customize Directory

  1. Pull up the list of people by running an advanced search.
  2. On the right, click "Export."
  3. Select "Directory" from the dropdown list.
  4. Click the pencil icon in the lower left corner of the window.
  5. Select an alternate template format or choose "Custom" to create your own format, including exactly the information you want. If choosing the custom option, you'll be able to use the toolbar above the edit window to select which fields you would like to include.
  6. After modifying the format, you may (optionally) save it for later use by clicking the drop-down arrow in the bottom right (next to the "Download" button) and selecting "Save as New Template."
Once your directory is generated, you can modify any of the information prior to printing simply by clicking on that information.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to list children by age instead of name

When customizing your directory, scroll down to the "children" section and choose to sort by "age" instead of "name".


2. Why people are listed in the directory who weren't in my search result

If you run an advanced search and also select "group by family" when exporting your directory, even if the family members do not appear in the advanced search results, they will be included in the directory export. 

3. How to prevent people from showing up who weren't in my search result

As noted in the previous field, individuals who weren't in the search results can still appear if you choose to "group by family".  If there are people who you do not want to show up, there are three primary options to prevent that from happening. 

  1. Temporarily archive those individuals.  Individuals who are archived will not appear with the family.  You can archive those individuals and then un-archive them when you've finished your export.
  2. Delete them after you've exported the directory.  Once you've exported the directory, you can still go into each family's window and delete unwanted information.  If it's a child listed, you can quickly and easily delete their name from the list
  3. Block access from the group of people who should not be listed.  If there is a large quantity of people (say a group of children) who you don't want included in your directory then you can create a tag called "do not list" or something along those lines and then put all of those people in the tag.  Then you can temporarily edit your role to not be able to view that tag.  If you can't view that tag, then those individuals will not show up in the result. 

4. How to make couples with different last names show up under each last name

Couples with different last names can be listed twice.  This is particularly useful if an individual has kept their maiden name.  Under Parents/Couples choose to either list once or twice. 


5. Can I change the text color?

Just click on the text box whose color you would like to change and you can either change the text color or create a colored border around it.

6. Can I change the layout to two columns instead of three?

The design works best and fits best with three columns so at this time, Breeze has made three columns the standard.  We are always working toward making things more customizable, though, so it's very possible that we'll allow for two columns in the future! 

7. What’s the order for people being listed? 

It's alphabetized by last name.  If a couple has two different last names, they will be listed twice, once in each spot. 

8. Creating a Directory of Kids

Run a search of kids from the "People" tab, whether from age, grade, tag, or however you have them sorted.  Then click to export to a directory.  Make sure not to group by family or the parents will be included as well.  

9. Can I create a directory of just one group of people (i.e. just the ladies)?

Use the People tab to search for a specific group, i.e. "females".  You can narrow it down by age and include only adult females.  Then click "export" and choose "directory". Make sure not to group by family or the rest of the family will be included as well. 


10. Just the men who have April birthdays?


11. If both spouses have the same email in their profiles and I have both emails set to display, can it display only one of them?

Breeze can't tell that both emails are the same, so if you ask for both to be listed, even if they're the same, both will be listed.  

After exporting and downloading the directory (just before you're ready to print it), navigate to the family containing the duplicate email addresses. Click on the family. Highlight and delete the duplicate email. Click 'Save' - and now your directory is ready to be printed!

12. Can you make it show "The Halpert Family"

When you're creating the custom directory output options, change where it lists the parent(s) names to "The [use parent dropdown to select 'last name'] Family.  


13. How to create a directory based on form results 

If you click "view entries" under the form you're looking for you'll see the action panel to the right.  Choose "export" and you'll be able to export anyone who has been connected to a profile.  


14. How to list cell phone numbers and home phone numbers

It can be helpful to list multiple phone numbers in your directory.  Use the dropdown menu to select home phone and mobile phone to have them both listed. Note that it will automatically designate which number is which after running the directory.


15. How do I show who’s a member?

16. What does Grouping By Family do?

Grouping By Family allows for family structures within Breeze to show up under one section of the Directory Export!

If the option is checked, the Head of Household information will be the information displayed for the family such as, address, phone, etc. 

Also, the option to Include Picture will pull from the Family Picture option under the profile.  If no picture is available, the picture will pull from the Head of Household.


Grouped by family: 


Versus By Individual:


17. Can I save my directory as a Word Document?

If you're interested in turning your pdf directory into a Word Document, you're in luck!

After you've saved your exported directory as a pdf (which can be done in a number of ways, the most common of which is to save as a pdf from the print preview window by simply changing the "Destination" option to save as pdf), you can go to a converting site such as  Upload your pdf into the site and choose to convert to a Word Doc. 

Now your directory is in a Doc form that you can edit and customize further!

18. What kind of pictures should I use?

When uploading and exporting images for your directory, it's important to keep in mind the size of the images. Large images will often create unexpected results, so here are some general guidelines to use when handling photos in Breeze.  

  • Format
    When you save images, use PNG, JPG, BMP, or GIF format. You can use PNG format if you need to retain transparency.
  • File Size
    It's best to avoid overly large images, both in file size and pixel dimensions. We recommend a maximum file size of 1MB for images. We don't recommend uploading images that are significantly larger than your content area or template.
  • Image Size
    Your printed directory has a defined area for family photos. This area is a 3x2 ratio. Note: In order to optimize performance, load times, and storage for users, Breeze will downscale all profile pictures to 300x200 image resolution. If you wish to retain the original image size and quality of your profile pictures, we recommend storing those images either locally or in cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, Onedrive...)

Additional Tips:

  • Color Mode or Profile
    Colors used online are different from those used in print, so it's important to make sure the colors in your images are set correctly. Web images should be saved with the RGB color profile or mode. CMYK, which is what designers use for print, doesn't render accurately online and can sometimes break your embedded image.
  • Alt Text
    It’s a good idea to add alt text to your images. Alt text is essential for accessibility and for viewers who might have trouble downloading your images. It can also help with search engine optimization for your landing pages.
  • High-Definition Screens
    Many smartphones, tablets, and laptops feature high-definition screens, such as retina displays, that offer a higher ratio of pixels per inch. This means that some images may appear fuzzy on these displays. To make sure your images appear clearly on all screens, you can use a higher resolution photo in an Image content block, and constrain the dimensions.

To discover how to add profile pictures see our article on adding profile fields

19. Can I Edit An Individual In The Directory?

There may be times, when after exporting your directory, that you notice some individual lines need to have additional attention given to them. For example, an email address is extra long, and does not fit on one line.  By simply clicking on the area that needs to be edited, a new window will open up, containing the individual or family info, where you can then edit the line item that needs to be adjusted.

Image 2020-05-21 at 12.19.16 PM


20. Can I hide Private Data?

To Hide Private Data from appearing in the directory, you will need to click the pencil to customize the directory and then select the checkbox option "hide private data".

21. How do I share the template(s) I've created with other Users?

When creating the template, click the box that says "Make Available to All Users" 

Image 2020-12-18 at 9.52.13 AM

22. Why wont my directory export?

If you have Avast! Network Shield it will block directories from exporting. If you are noticing that other exports (such as Excel) are working but directories are not, check to see if you have Avast! installed. If so, find the Network Shield and disable it - this will allow directories to export as expected. 

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  • What format or file type will the photo directory download as?  PDF? MS Publisher? 

  • Hi @office!

    Great question! PDF. :) 

  • When I click download, it doesn't actually download a pdf; it just opens up into a browser with no option to download further.  Any ideas?

  • Hey @johnnnamatthews!

    To save this PDF simply:

    PDF from Chrome
    Chrome can always print files directly to PDF, and it works just the same on a Chromebook.

    1. Just click the menu button in Chrome and select Print.
    2. You’ll see a preview of the current web page.
    3. Click the “Change” button under “Destination” and select “Print to PDF” under “Local Destinations”.
    4. Select any options you want to change here and then click “Save” to save the file to PDF.
    5. You’ll be asked for a file name and location.


    PDF from Safari

    1. To print to PDF, select the “Print” option in any application.
    2. Ignore the list of printers at the top of the print dialog that appears.
    3. Instead, click the “PDF” menu at the bottom of the dialog and select “Save as PDF”. Mac OS X will allow you to save the document to a PDF file instead of printing it to an actual printer.
    4. You'll be asked for a file name and location.


    Please let me know if you are looking to create this PDF from another browser.

  • Is there a way to change the title at the top of the first printed page of the directory?  For example, it's currently printing my church's name and the word "directory" under that.  I'd like the title to be the specific name of the tag I'm printing from.

  • Hey Jenny - Absolutely!  Just click the area (you'll see it turn a shade darker) where the church name & "directory" are, and then you'll see a little edit popup like this appear:

    You can change it to whatever you'd like! 

  • For the directory, we want in most cases the couple with different last names to show twice, but in a few cases we don't. How can we just delete an entry we don't want to show?

  • Hey @billfpdx!

    After you select download, your directory will appear, you can just click on the individual(s) that you need to edit. Just hover over and click the area (you'll see it turn a shade darker) where the names are, and then you'll see a little edit popup like this appear:

  • Thanks Emily - but actually my question is can I totally "remove" a whole entry for an individual or for a family from the directory - not just edit the info for that family. The directory we're creating is by family and for couples with different last names, we do want to show the family in the two places so that they show for each of the last names. However, there are a few cases where we don't want that to happen - so we would just like to remove one of the two that show up in the directory. The only way I can think of is to actually remove one member of the couple from the family which I would rather not do.


  • Hey Bill! 

    At this time, unfortunately there isn't an easy way to do this. You can edit the information as mentioned above and completely erase this information however it will leave a blank space in the directory. I wish I had a better solution for you! 

    Different last names is a topic we are seeing more often and is something I can pass along to our team for future discussion on updating the logic behind the reporting features such as the directory. 


  • Thanks again - just as I thought. One other approach would be to export to an excel file - then build directory from that information - but not wanting to do that either..

    We'll get by - would be good to add some flexibility - someday.



  • Hi-

    I have a few families where one spouse is a member and the other is a visitor or attender.  How can I get that to show up on the directory ( Mary Smith - member, Sam Smith - attender)

    Also, only one birth date shows for the family.  I would like to have everyones birth date show; parents and kids

    Also, sometimes each spouse has their own email address. I would like to have all emails listed and indicate whose email it is.



  • Hey @carolebishop723! 

    I have created an email to further assist you better with these things. Look forward to assisting you further with this!

  • We are about to print new directories. Can I have the directory print in a certain font type? Such as Lato? Or Cormorant Garamond?

  • Hey @lisavalleychapel

    At this time the font that Breeze uses is Veranda. However, if you are looking to change this you can copy and paste the directory into a word processor and change the font there. :) 


  • I'm printing a custom directory grouped by family. For couples, I am including emails and mobile phones for both, but only the mobile phone indicates who owns that phone. Is there a way to add "(Mary's email)" after the email address in a way that it won't show up if Mary doesn't have an email?

  • How can members print their own directory?

  • @office

    Thanks for reaching out to the Breeze Community!

    Giving Members the ability to print their own Directory is possible by assigning them Permissions to Export. (See Editing a Role

    However, this is not a suggested Best Practice because Exporting also gives them permission to other Admin Exports like Excel, Mailing Labels, Letters, etc. which could be used to produce information on behalf of the church. This is a permission would be best used by a Leadership Function. 

    I pray this information is helpful to you!

  • I am unable to save custom text added to the directory. I can print my final document, but can not save it. The final saved document will only show the directory as it is prior to my changes. Also, I am unable to save as a PDF.

  • Hello @dicel85, 

    Thanks for reaching out to us today! I've made a short video outlining your solution here: 


    If you have any additional questions, please reach out to us through Support!



  • Hi! Is there a way to have the children's names appear directly under the parent names in the directory, instead of at the bottom after the contact info?

    For example:

    Joe and Jane Smith
    Jerry Smith
    Jennifer Smith

  • @Tonya

    Thanks for reaching out to the Forum! In response to your question, Children are the only thing that cannot be reordered on the Directory. They will always appear last on the Output. We apologize for the inconvenience here! If you would like to request this as a Feature in Breeze, you may do so by clicking here: Submitting Feature Requests


  • Hi we run a Sunday school and I have tagged the children that are registered for the school.  I'd like to print a directory of all the registered students with their name, photo, age and allergies, but I'd also like to include their parent's contact information (email/cell phone).  Is that possible?

  • @fkhan1

    Thanks for reaching out to the Breeze Forum! Great question, here. 

    The directory can effectively generate any information present in a person's profile. Let's say you have Person A and Person B -- The only way you could include personal details about Person B inside of Person A's Directory entry is by having Person B's information listed in Person's A's profile. 

    If you have any additional questions concerning this, we would love to serve you in our Breeze Support! 

  • That's what I ended up doing.  I created a profile field called "Parent contact info" in each child's profile, and populated it with the parents info (using some excel gymnastics and the bulk update tool).  Not ideal since it won't automatically update for new kids or changes in parent contact data, but it works for now.

  • I have exported, saved as pdf and converted to Word doc. However, there seems to be formatting problems with the table. There are too many cells sporadically through out the converted document. The only reason why I converted the directory to a Word doc was that I am unable to change the first page to print nine images vs six. All the other pages print 6. Also inserting a header does not change the way that the table is positioned on the page. Except for the first page, the table starts with in a 1/2 inch of the top. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated. Thanks 

  • Corrections. All other pages print 9 vs 6.

  • @cwcoffice13

    Thanks for taking a moment to reach out to us! Manipulating the document within Microsoft Word should give you the access to be able to change the formatting to a greater degree that you have within breeze. However, you do have the ability to change the font size which could lend yourself to have more profiles on one page! 

    I would suggest trying that as a potential solution for what you need here.



  • I was wondering if it was possible to give the head of the household a family directory picture field in their profile so we can have an individual picture for that person but a separate picture that is of the whole family together that can be used in the directory when the "group as family" option is selected?

  • @admin

    Yes! Upload a normal photo of the Head of Household for the profile picture, however, you'll edit the Family Section in order to upload a Family Picture -- this will be the picture listed in a Directory!