Combining Duplicate Profiles

Merge an Individual


There may be times where you end up with duplicate names in the database. This can be especially problematic if there are some giving or attendance records associated with each of the names so that simply deleting one is not an ideal solution. To solve this, you can merge two records together.

  1. Navigate to the Account Settings (mceclip3.png) and select Bulk Tasks.
  2. Select the first person you'd like to merge in the "Person 1" box.1
  3. Select the duplicated person you'd like to merge them with in the "Person 2" box.

1 The first person selected will be the one that preference is given to if people have conflicting data. For example, if both people have an address, the address for Person 1 will be retained and the address for Person 2 will be discarded. Giving history, Tags, and attendance data will be retained from both people - simply merged into the remaining person.
If both Person 1 and Person 2 were checked into the same event, the attendance count for that event will go down by one count, essentially removing the duplicate attendance record.

Note: There is no way to UNDO the merge people action. Restore only restores the deleted person, but that data is not properly disbursed out to the corresponding "people" that were merged.

Merge All Duplicates

If you are new to Breeze and have many duplicates in your database, merging them all at the same time might be beneficial. Breeze will assume people with the same name are in fact the same person. When there is conflicting data, the person's profile who has been most recently been created takes priority.

  1. Navigate to the Account Settings (mceclip3.png)
  2. Select "Bulk Tasks".
  3. Choose "Merge People" from the lefthand side
  4. Click the group icon in the upper right (looks like three people).
  5. Click "Merge All Duplicate People." 1



1 If you have a large number of duplicates, this may take several minutes.

Show Duplicates

This list view of duplicates brings up a list of all the people in the database who appear to be duplicates (having the same first and last name). From this screen, users can quickly merge any of them together. To bring up the list:mceclip4.gif 

  1. Navigate to the Account Settings (mceclip3.png) and select Bulk Tasks, and select Merge People.
  2. Click the list icon in the upper right (four lines).
  3. You'll now see a list of people who the system thinks appear to be duplicates.
  4. To merge one set of them together, click "View # Duplicates" to the right of their name.
  5. Click "Merge" to merge those duplicated profiles together for that person.1

1 The star next to the left of the profile photos indicates which profile will be used when conflicting data is encountered. For example, if you are merging two people who both have email addresses, the email address in the starred profile will be used.

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  • Hello,

    How can I merge duplicate names using my mini iPad.  It says navigate to “more” but that doesn’t show up on my iPad....are there instructions for IOS users, besides using my MAC computer?  Thank you!

  • Hi @pastorsharon! If you are using the Breeze app, there is not a way to use Tasks, which is where you want to go to combine duplicate profiles. You could, however, log into the web version of Breeze on your mini iPad and follow the above directions to duplicate profiles. I hope that helps!

  • After profiles have been merged, is there any way for the API to show what records were merged and what the new ids are?  For example, if I have Joe Smith linked to a Breeze id of "12345" and on the Breeze side that record and another are merged so the new combined / final record has id "54321"... can I get that new ID ("54321") with a search by id "12345"?  What happens if I try to "update" a person by the old ID or add transactions to that record with the old ID - I assume after the merge, the old record is deleted... what happens if I send an invalid person ID in the giving create call?

  • Hi @renee! Thanks for reaching out to us via our Help Center! I'm going to move your question over to an email, that way we can serve you better!

    Speak with you soon!

  • Is there a way to export the duplicate data to a spreadsheet so we can compare profiles more quickly? Doing them one at a time on screens is tedious, especially just after import.

  • @rhennesy

    There's a super easy way to do this in Breeze! Take a look at this short video explaining how: 

    Merging has never been easier!

  • Hi Stephen. Thanks for your reply. But, it didn't actually address my question.

    We've just imported all our data to Breeze and have 700+ duplicates. We would like to export the profile data of all the duplicates to spreadsheets so we can print them out and have volunteers look over them, marking them to be merged or not. Then, once we've determined which profiles should not be merged, we can actually perform the task of merging them.

    Is it possible to export the duplicates data to spreadsheet, similar to how easy it is to export filtered data from the People tab?

  • @rhennesy

    My apologies for the misunderstanding. The only way to see duplicates in this manner within breeze is the area shown in the video. I would particularly suggest using the "show duplicates" area so that you can highlight that list and print it out. However, you would not be able to see all of the information associated with each of those people on any other export for examination. 

    If I were getting ready to approach this same scenario, I would suggest having your team to go into the "show duplicates" area and managing it from there. In other words, you don't have to export this information to excel in order to be able to do what you're wanting to do. Your team could actually go into the "show duplicates" area and manage this situation straight from there by viewing the duplicate entries and the information associated with them. 

    I hope this is helpful!

  • What permissions does a user need to have in order to merge duplicates?

  • @brent

    Great question! Thanks for reaching out to us. The Permission for Merging Duplicates (and a host of other functions) can be found in the Bulk Tasks Permission. Be sure that you'd want the person to have all of the functions that come along with it. Cheers!

  • The merge duplicates screen is showing people that have the same name but different suffixes (fathers who gave their name to their sons). Is there a way for the duplicates to not be shown when the suffixes differ?

  • @jobby

    Great question here! Thanks for taking a moment to reach out to us about duplicate entries. 

    Breeze will only detect two profiles as potential duplicates when they have the exact same names. If there is a suffix that is included in another profile field, Breeze will not recognize this as a different name.

    Because of this, the Breeze Best Practice would be to put the suffix within the Last Name field. This will allow Breeze to differentiate between Father and Son effectively and not mark them as a duplicate. 

    Additionally, in the event that you would like to have Breeze ignore a potential duplicate, you may do so! See below:


    I hope this information was helpful for you! Please let us know if there's anything else we can do to assist you.