Third Party Giving Import Assistance

This article will help you if you are experiencing problems with Giving Imports from a Third Party File. 

To Import Giving 

  1. Navigate to Account Settings (mceclip3.png) in the top right corner
  2. Choose Bulk Tasks
  3. Select Import Giving from the menu on the left

Here are a few simple troubleshooting steps that you can follow below:

  • Make sure the file is saved as a csv.
  • Make sure you have changed the "format" on the Import Giving page to the correct third-party giving platform.

Below are some additional steps and resources to import giving files based upon the different third-party giving platforms.


  1. Navigate to your manager dashboard in Kindrid. Click on Settings Gear (top banner) and click ChMS Integration
  2. Select your organization’s ChMS from the dropdown menu. *Your available integration options may differ from the screenshot below.
  3. Follow the instructions. Each ChMS will have independent, specific instructions.


  1. Call SecureGive, tell them you are using Breeze

  2. SecureGive will switch export settings to match what Breeze is expecting

  3. Breeze Import template is a verified match

  4. One tip, We've seen a SecureGive export with no PersonID. SecureGive is looking for the Breeze ID to be entered in the Person ID field within their system. The Breeze ID will then appear on the SecureGive export as the Person ID.


  1. Sign in to Pushpay account

  2. Click the Transactions tab or Batch Reconciliation tab

  3. Select desired date range

  4. Click Export and choose “CSV”

  5. Save file where you can find it easily



Exporting Contribution Data from EasyTithe

  1. Sign in to EasyTithe, (

  2. Navigate to Reports > Canned Reports

  3. Under *Other*, click the Custom Report By Date Range link

  4. Set the From and To date range to the dates you want to export for

  5. *Organize Report by* date

  6. Click Search

  7. Click Create Export

  8. Save CSV file where you can locate it



Exporting Contribution Data from Vanco

  1. Contact Vanco, ask for the “EFT Weekly Data File” that's Breeze Friendly

  2. Sign in to your Vanco account

  3. Click the Reports tab

  4. Click Processing Reports

  5. Click the most recent EFT Weekly Data File

  6. Click View

  7. Select Save File, naming it and placing it in a location easy to find




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  • It would be nice if you added information, to the above web page, related to how to import the data into Breeze from a third party system.

  • @claudepeyrot

    Thanks for reaching out to the Breeze forum! This article is specifically on how to import Giving Data into Breeze from Third Party platforms. If you're looking for information on how to import general "people" data, then you can visit this page instead: Import People

    Let us know how we can continue to serve you! 

  • The "Vanco.docx" link on this page is broken. I want to import giving from Vanco. I know about data files. I see where to import them into Breeze. But Vanco and Breeze person ids and fund names are different, and I *hope* that that "Vanco.docx" explains how to accomplish that.  (I hope that Breeze lets me upload a file with the mapping.)

    Can you fix the link please?

  • @daw30410

    We're going to switch this ticket over to support in order to best serve you!