Bulk Update People

This option allows you to update existing people in bulk by downloading an Excel file, making the desired changes, and then re-uploading the Excel file.

  1. Navigate to the Account Settings (mceclip3.png)
  2. Select "Bulk Tasks"
  3. Choose "Update People" on the left.
  4. Click the "Download Template File" buttonand make the desired changes to the downloaded template file.
  5. Import the file back in using the "Import Updated People" button. The information for those people will be updated.



You are free to delete both columns and rows from this file; the only required column is "Breeze ID" as this is what associates the row with the correct person. Deleting columns excludes those fields from the update. Deleting rows excludes those people from the update.

The update will reflect exactly what's in the file you import. If you delete data in a cell of the spreadsheet, it will be deleted from Breeze (e.g. if you delete a phone number for a specific person, not the entire phone number column, that phone number will be removed from Breeze when the file is imported).

For details on how to format your data, please follow the guidelines listed for importing people.

1 This file contains nearly all of the data you're storing for the people in your database. File fields and photos cannot be updated through this method.
When making your changes in Excel to a date field, and then saving to a .csv file, the 4-digit year will reformat to a 2-digit year. To correct this, you can format the date columns to be formatted as Date > MM/DD/YYYY and save it as a .csv file from there. This will prevent the automatic reformatting to a 2-digit year, which will turn 1976 into 2076 when imported into Breeze.

Internal Note: Only Breeze Support users are able to see Family Role and Family ID columns in our exports and bulk update templates. These columns are not available to customers, as it's very easy to mess up your data if edited incorrectly.

Image 2020-05-20 at 1.54.17 PM

Here is an example of deleting a column from Breeze which will prevent any information in that column from being updated: 


Here is an example of deleting the contents of a cell which will delete the information in Breeze: 
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  • when doing a bulk people update, are the tags compromised?

  • Hey @lisa!

    No, they are not. :) 

  • If I do not change any column/field names but put the  columns/fields in a different order in my template file, will they import correctly back into breeze?  

  • Hey Lisa - you can do that!  As long as, like you said, you don't change the names, you can delete columns you don't need, move them around, or hide them.  Be sure to leave the Breeze ID where it is, though - that one will need to be first to read who the update belongs to. 

  • I have an event list that contains a few hundred people stores from another platform I would like to perform a bulk import from that. However, the list may contain people who are already entered into Breeze. How does Breeze handle duplicates during a bulk import?

  • Hi @aharrisngim!

    This option allows you to update existing people. If they are not in the system, I would recommend using the import people task. If you do end up having duplicates in the system, you can quickly merge the duplicate profiles by using the Merge tool that we have.

    Here you go: Combining Duplicate Profiles :)


  • It sounds like once the upload is done, human errors will overwrite the existing data.  Is there a preview option?  Could it be a feature request - in the least where Breeze will determine the differences and will ask the user to confirm the changes?  In the meantime should such an error happen, is there a way to roll back? 

  • Hey @a4nee, the closest we have to a confirm changes is that when you upload the document it will check to make sure that all the changes are breeze-compliant and then confirm that you do want to update.  We, unfortunately, would not be able to ask if each and every change is what you were looking for as people will update hundreds of profiles at once and not want to have to confirm each change made. 

    My recommendation would be to download the template file, and when you make the changes, save it as a copy and keep the original.  Then, if you did make a mistake or need to change information back, you have a copy of the old profiles handy that you could re-upload where needed! 

    Hope this has helped. 

  • Is there any way to do a bulk update of people's email as "on hold"? It is not one of the fields listed in the update template.

    We use Mailchimp for sending out emails and some are bouncing or unsubscribing there. How can we dulk update in Breeze?

  • @sraisz As a protection to our churches, we do not allow profile fields that are typically individual or unique (such as address, phone number and email addresses) to be bulk updated from the people section. I do apologize about this. We do not offer an "on hold" to emails at this time. To Mark Data as Private so that emails will not send to these users, you will need to: 

    1. Navigate to a person's profile.
    2. Click the gray header over the section containing an address, email, or phone number.
    3. Below the field select "Show More Options."
    4. Check the "Make Private Data" checkbox1 and save your changes.

    I hope this helps! Feel free to call support (888) 320-6030 with additional questions!

  • What I meant by "On hold" was the "Do Not Email" checkbox.  If I understand correctly we will have to go through each of the more than 400 contacts in our list that have bad emails or unsubscribed and manually tick this box. 

    Is it possible, for you to update this field if we send you a list?


  • @sraisz, at this time there is not a way to bulk update the "Do Not Email" on multiple profiles at once. And this is not something we are able to offer, as it's outside our offerings. I apologize there is no Breezy way of accomplishing this as of right now. You are correct that this would have to be updated on each individual profile. 

    One other option would be to simply use the "Bulk Update People" for those with "Bad Email Addresses" and simply remove their email address completely from the database, that way it indicates it needs to be updated as there is no information in that field. Rather than unsubscribing them from emails entirely, including if they provide a new correct address to you in the future. 

    I would use the "Do Not Email" for those who have unsubscribed. Again, I hope this helps! Please feel free to call support at (888)320-6030 with any additional questions. 

  • Thank you . This is what I propose to do. 
    1) add two fields: Bounced Email and Unsub Email
    2) create an update file with Email blank and the existing email in one of these 2 new fields, 
    3) update these contacts.
    We can then tag these contacts accordingly and manually set the "do not Email' as needed.
  • @sraisz!

    Greetings! Thanks for your feedback here about how we can improve Breeze--we’re always on the hunt for the next great idea to serve churches better! Currently we are not accepting feature requests via the Community forum. For more information about submitting a feature request, please check out www.breezechms.com/features.


  • I am looking to be able to do a bulk update to mark the email, phone numbers, and addresses as all Private.   This will allow the members that want their information to be published to go into their accounts and undo that if they want other members to see their information. I already understand how to do it manually.

    Is there a way for that to be defaulted as checked Private when new people are created?

  • @revscotahiah

    Great question! There is currently no functionality within Breeze to default the profiles to Private. Additionally, there's no way to make this change in Bulk. It would need to be a manual change on each added profile. We certainly apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause here! If you would like to submit this as a Feature Request, you can do so here: Submitting Feature Requests


  • When I follow the directions above, I don't have the option to download a template to make changes in. Any suggestions?

  • I would like to update the Family ID column to make it the same as single people's Breeze ID, but when I download the template file, Family ID isn't included. Should it be? If not, is there a workaround for this?

  • @mmcmullen

    Thanks for reaching out to us! The Family ID is a number that each member of the Family shares so that Breeze will categorize them together as a family. It may not be Best practice to use someone's Breeze ID for this number since it is meant to be used to represent that one person. To answer your question, The Family ID should be available on the Update People Template. If you don't see it for some reason, please reach out to our support channels so that we can serve you more directly! 

    I hope this information has been helpful!

  • Hi

    How I can update Family ID in Bulk for update people?

    We are updating our members and Import People has the option for Family ID, but Update People does not.

  • @braiden79

    As it turns out, bulk updating Family IDs is not recommended in Breeze and that's why we limit it from the import tool. We've found that if you change the Family ID to one that already exists inside their Breeze system, it will replace the original family with that ID in their Breeze account. It can create a huge mess.

    The safest way to edit individuals in a family or family roles is going to be from an individual's profile inside of Breeze, and not with this file. 

    Churches can customize family IDs on import (with the Import People file), but it is not recommended doing so after-the-fact. 

    I'm sorry for any inconvenience this causes, and I hope this information helps!

  • If I update two columns using this feature, delete all the rest of the columns and import will those two columns be updated?

  • Hey @revsusanscc! You asked a great question! :) 

    Yes, you are free to delete both columns and rows from this file as needed except for the first column, "Breeze ID", as this is what associates the row with the correct person. Based off of this, deleting all columns but the "Breeze ID" and the two columns you mentioned, and then updating those two columns should work without issue! Deleting columns excludes those fields from the update. Deleting rows excludes those people from the update.

    While this is the case, the update will reflect exactly what's in the file you import; therefore, if you delete data in a cell of the spreadsheet, and not the whole column or row as mentioned above, it will be deleted from Breeze (e.g. if you delete a phone number for a specific person, not the entire phone number column, that phone number will be removed from Breeze when the file is imported).

    To ensure that you delete entire columns/rows correctly, instead of using the "Delete" button on your keyboard, we recommend right-clicking on the selected row or column and selecting "Delete"/"Remove" from there!

    I hope this helps!

  • Can I download a template to edit just People records in a particular tag? Our database includes over 1055 people (anyone who has ever made a contribution) but I just want to update the 183 active members. They are all tagged, but the tags don't seem to be included in the editable template, so I can't sort by tag and delete all the untagged people.