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    Are we free to delete columns and rows from the upload template file? We are often importing large amounts of data that only requires a few of the fields.

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    Although we are entering birthdates in our .csv file formatted as MM/DD/YYYY, the .csv protocol forces the display in individual cells to be MM/DD/YY; the formula bar, however, displays the date as MM/DD/YYYY. Yesterday, after ensuring the Birthdate field in our .csv file was formatted as MM/DD/YYYY, we did the import and Breeze gave us an error message about 2-digit years in the Birthdate field. Oddly, it said that some of the dates would be changed to years 19** and some would be changed to 20**. (E.g., a birthdate of 3/26/96 would be changed to 3/26/1996, and 5/16/64 would be changed to 5/16/2064). I.e., Breeze's rule for reading the .csv file seemed to be inconsistent from line to line. How can this be resolved?

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    JR Carlson

    Hi Debi,

    Great questions.

    1) Yes, you can delete columns and rows from the upload file with the following exceptions:

    • If importing the address, you must include all address columns (street, city, state/province, and postal code).
    • If importing family information, you must include both family ID and family role columns.
    • If importing phone numbers, you must include all three phone number columns (mobile, home, work).
    • The Last Name column is required.

    2) If your CSV file includes 2 digit years Breeze will determines the century by using a cutoff year of 2069.

    • Year values in the range 00-69 are converted to 2000-2069.
    • Year values in the range 70-99 are converted to 1970-1999.

    By default Excel determines the century by using a cutoff year of 2029.

    • Year values in the range of 00-29 are converted to 2000-2029
    • Year values in the range of 30-99 are converted to 1900-1999

    To convert your 2 digit years to 4 digit years in Excel:

    1. Open up your CSV file in Excel.
    2. Change the the format of the date columns to "Date".
    3. Save the file as a CSV file.
    4. Verify that the 2 digit years have been converted to 4 digit years by opening the CSV file with a text editor (not Excel) and checking the dates.

         Note: If you don't change the format it will keep the 2 digit years when you save.

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