Import Giving using Envelope #'s

You may have multiple people with the same name and prefer to import historical giving records based on envelope #, rather than utilizing names. You can do this with a bit of a workaround 

Here's how to Import Giving using Envelope Numbers

  1. Head to the Account Settings (mceclip3.png) > Select " Bulk Tasks" > Import Giving
  2. Download the generic template
  3. Replace the Last Name information with the envelope #
  4. Leave the first name field blank, and fill in the rest of the information for each gift. Save as a .CSV file. 
  5. Upload the template file back into Breeze
  6. Associate all the envelope #'s with the correct profile in Breeze
  7. Once you have associated all of the giving, you will get a Validation Successful, with a button to Import Now. Click Import Now to Complete Import. 
  8. You're done!

In the future, when you import giving into Breeze using the envelope numbers that you have associated to profiles, you will not be asked to associate again. Once imported the giving will automatically connect to the correct profile. This makes it easy to bulk import giving by envelope number in the future. 

Here's how to break and association made through Import Giving

Keep in mind that if you edit an envelope #  or assign an envelope number to a new person, you will need to remove the initial association, which can be done by clicking Manage Associations  on the Import Giving page of Breeze.

  1. Head to the Account Settings (mceclip3.png) > Select " Bulk Tasks" > Import Giving
  2. In the bottom left hand corner click Manage Associations
  3. Click on the "Associated" Tab. 
  4. Find the Envelope number you are wanting to break the association with. The envelope number will appear in the account number column. 
  5. Select the "x" beside that association. 




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