Type of File Required for Importing - UTF-8 / Unicode

Our importing tool only supports UTF-8 encoded file format. If your import CSV file is not encoded in UTF-8, you'll need to re-save it in a UTF-8 encoded format.

What is UTF-8?
UTF-8 is a form of Unicode. More specifically, UTF-8 is a method for encoding characters using 8-bit sequences, which allows a file to be read even when it has non-english characters.

For a list of common applications and how to export as a UTF-8 encoded file, check out https://www.xadapter.com/how-to-save-csv-excel-file-as-utf-8-encoded/

Why does it matter?

Right now if a file isn't UTF-8 encoded, the import is just looking for key features and cannot detect if there are missing fields, and can lead to incorrect imports.  It can cause characters such as "??" instead of the content that should be imported.  

It's more secure and will give you better, more accurate results!