Where do I find Breeze ID's?

The Breeze ID is the unique identifying code that is generated when a profile is created in Breeze. This will be used in different import processes like Importing Tags, Attendance, Giving, and can even be used for API-Advanced Custom Development. You'll be able to find someone's Breeze ID in a few different places in Breeze.

The Individual Profile:

Navigate to someone's profile and look to the website bar. You'll find a unique identifying code towards the end of the website link. That is their unique Breeze ID.


People Export:

When Exporting People data, the first column of the export should be the Breeze ID.


If you are customizing your People export, you'll need to make sure you check the box to export your Breeze ID's.


Import Templates:

Your account's Breeze ID's can be exported from any one of these import templates shown below. For Import Giving, you'll need to toggle the format to "Breeze" in order to see their Breeze ID.



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