API-Advanced Custom Development

The Breeze API empowers churches to create personalized features seamlessly with Breeze. If there's a developer in your church, they can leverage the Breeze API to craft tailored applications that work alongside Breeze.

Obtain API Key: Contact our support team to get your unique API key.

Key Points:

  • Rate Limit: Please be aware of a 20-request per minute limit. Exceeding this will result in a temporary block. It's recommended that your application waits around 3.5 seconds between calls to ensure you stay under this limit.

  • Sync Delays: Integration might experience minor delays. This is due to the intentional time gaps set to control traffic between an app or website and Breeze. Be patient, as real-time ping-backs aren't always instantaneous.

Important Note: Post Feb 1, 2020, our Support team is unable to provide support for the utilization of the API.

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