Manage Account Settings

To manage your account settings

  1. Navigating to Account Settings(Image_2020-05-07_at_1.31.50_PM.png) on the top right.
  2. Select Manage Account in the Mega Menu.
  3. Make your desired changes and click Save Changes.
Role Permissions needed to update General Settings (Manage Account > General Settings)

Manage Account Fields


  1. Church Name
    • This will be displayed throughout Breeze on directories and mail merge reports.Web Address (
  2. Web Address
    • When you (or your church administrator) signed up for Breeze, you entered a "web address."  This is the address the users of your account will use to access Breeze.  For instance, they would access Breeze at

    • To log in to your Breeze account, enter your web address which will take you to your personal landing page where you can sign in using your username and password.

    • For more information on what changing your web address will affect, view this article

  3. Location
    • Country
      This determines formatting preferences within your Breeze account. Primarily it affects the calendar. For a full list of areas affected by the selected country please see- Using Breeze Internationally
    • State (If country is the United States)
      Breeze works to comply with state and local laws. Some states charge sales tax on products like Breeze. If you are located in a state where sales tax is applicable you will see the Tax Exempt option below.
    • City (If country is the United States)
      Breeze works to comply with state and local laws. Some cities charge income/sales tax in addition to the state on products like Breeze. If you are located in a city where sales tax is applicable you will see the Tax Exempt option below.
    • Postal Code (If country is the United States)
  4. Office Phone
    • The Office Phone number allows the team at Breeze to know what number to contact your organization at, should we ever need to talk to someone on the phone! We promise we wont spam you! Calls could be about online giving, or member users who have reached out to Breeze.  
  5. Time Zone
    • This selection affects event times and when scheduled text or emails are delivered. When selecting options such as "Send Tomorrow at 9 am" that will be based upon your selected timezone.
    • Changing the time zone will not affect the time of the events in the event section. 
  6. Enable Unlimited Texts
    • Breeze allows users to text one or more people at a time for quick communication. The texting tool is meant for one-way communication and cannot receive replies. Churches can send 250 text messages per month at no additional charge. While we do pay for each text (and so need to have boundaries at some point), you're welcome to enable unlimited texting to exceed the 250 monthly limit. It's just one penny per text after the first 250. 

    • For more information on Texting People within Breeze, view this article

  7. Login Page Logo
    • The logo attached here will display at the top of your URL login page. This is helpful for your users as it visually confirms they are in the right location. This also appears in your volunteer reminders in the header image.

    • Supported image formats: jpeg, png, gif, tiff and bmp. 

    • Breeze will automatically resize the image, keeping proportions the same.mceclip0.png

  8. Save Changes 
    • Make sure that as you finish updating information you click the blue Save Changes 

Tax Exempt

Breeze works to comply with state and local laws. Some states charge sales tax on products like Breeze unless the organization is tax exempt. If your church/organization is in a state where sales tax is required you will see a prompt for a Tax Exemption Certificate.


Once the certificate is uploaded and saved your display will appear as below.


Not Tax exempt? "Uncheck" the Tax Exempt checkbox and click "Save Changes". By setting your account to not tax exempt, we'll automatically charge sales tax on your monthly invoice. 


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  • Is there a recommended width/height for the log-in image?

    do any of you use it to remind people of contact info or a privacy policy link?

    many of our members are just learning how to use breeze and i'm thinking we might get some mileage out of this.

  • @maryinvancouver

    No matter the size, Breeze does format it to fit the page appropriately. As far as dimensions go, 400x400 pixels may be a great size for a logo. Also, making sure it's a .png (with no color background) could be beneficial to it appearing nicely on the page! 

    I have not heard of anyone using it with a privacy policy as it may not be clearly seen after uploading. 



  • I see we can add our own image/logo to be used on login page. I was wondering if the same is true for the normal pages we navigate that have the breeze logo in the top left hand corner. I have no issue with the site being branded but it was just the mix of being able to have our logo on the login page but NOT on the other pages. Any info regarding that? Thanks!

  • @stephenwallace

    Great question! Currently, there isn't any additional branding functionality within Breeze for other pages. If this is something that you feel your church needs, we'd certainly love for you to voice your need for this customization. Click Here: Submitting Feature Requests

    We look forward to hearing from you again soon!

  • How can I remove an outdated note on my weekly giving to my church? Even though I've canceled and reinstated this weekly giving at least two times, the note section for my gifts have read "Balance for Mexico mission trip" for two years. I can't figure out how to remove this note. Thanks for your help, Mary Vanac

  • @maryvanac!

    Thanks for reaching out! So sorry that this happened! Good news, I have went ahead and removed this note for you. Because of the way it was stored, we had to remove it from the backend!

    Hope this is helpful!



  • The CSS for the login page limits the image to 100 pixels high by 300 pixels wide, constricting both the height and the width. Please add the height limit to the documentation above. Also, Steven Ivey's advice on 2/13/2020 for a 400px square logo is pretty bad, as that will be displayed as a 100px x 100px square. 

    I'm also submitting a feature request to display the Church Name field on the login page, whether or not there's a logo, and to use the Church Name as the alt text for the logo. It's surprising that that's not already a feature. Even with a logo, since there's no option for alt text, people with accessibility issues may not get any verification that they're on the right page.

  • @Thomas-Thanks for the feedback. Great idea on the feature request to display the Church Name field on the login page regardless of logo use! I could see that being a very helpful addition, especially for accessibility.
    Thanks for clarifying the image limits as well. I'm going to be updating our article to provide additional clarity there. Ultimately, however, the uploaded logo will maintain its proportion if reduced.
    We have some additional tips on image recommendations as well (directly related to email, but indirectly relevant here as it pertains to file size, color, and resolution) at
    Thanks again, Thomas, for submitting that feature request as well - that really does help our Product team know how and where can best serve churches and ministries. 

  • How do I upload a picture? I've been trying for a while now, have gone to the community to see if what I could find and haven't found help. Thanks

  • Hey @katiebratz2010!

    Thank you for reaching out with this great question! I understand how important it is to be able to upload a picture and I would love to help! :) 

    Here are instructions for how to upload a profile photo on your computer/laptop:

    1. Navigate to your profile.
    2. Click on the image box at the top to the left of your name.
    3. Click "Upload Image" and select the image you want to upload.
    4. Crop the image to the appropriate size and save the change.

    Additionally, here are instructions for how to upload a profile picture on your phone as well:

    1. Open the Breeze app, navigate to "People," and then navigate to your profile to edit.
    2. Tap on your profile picture. In the pop up that displays, scroll down past the default profile options, and you will see the "Upload Image" button.
    3. Tap the "Upload Image" button, and you will see a list of options appear (Take Photo, Photo Library, etc.)
    4. Select the option where the photo is located and then select the photo.
    5. Scroll down past the photo that is uploaded after cropping it, and select the blue "Set as Profile" button. The photo will be your new profile picture!

    For more information, check out this helpful resource: Adding Profile Pictures

    I hope this helps!