Recovering Deleted Data

Mistakes happen. If you've accidentally deleted some data that you'd like to bring back, you may be able to do that with our restore tool*.

To restore previously deleted data:

  1. Navigate to the "Account Settings" (Image_2020-05-07_at_1.31.50_PM.png) on the top right.
  2. Select "Manage Account" in the dropdown.
  3. Select "More" (on the left).
  4. Choose "Restore" (on the left) and find the deleted item on the list.
  5. Select "Undo" to the right of that item.

Note: The restore function is not available for all actions and is only available for actions made in the last 30 days. Over time, we plan to have the restore tool support more actions within Breeze. If you do not see the action you'd like to restore, please email us and, depending on the action and when it was done, we may be able to help.

*The restore section is only available for actions made in the last 30 days. Any action made beyond 30 days has been removed from your Breeze database and cannot be recovered. 


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  • Can you search somehow in the restore area? We have a change that was made to a profile, but I do not know who did it or why. (I am not sure how long ago so it might be longer than 30 days.) But if I could search that person's name to see who made the change then I could go ask them specifically.

  • @tammy

    There is no way to "Search" the Restore area. However, if you are in the Log area, you can "filter" based on date, people, or actions! Keep in mind that not all actions are able to be Restored, so if you do not see it there, that means it was not a reversible action.