API-Advanced Custom Development

The Breeze API (application programming interface) allows churches to build custom functionality integrated with Breeze. To locate the API in your Breeze account simply navigate to

  1. Account Settings (Image_2020-05-07_at_1.31.50_PM.png)
  2. Manage Account
  3. API Key


If you have someone with programming talent in your community, that person can use the Breeze API to build your own custom applications on top of Breeze. Want the check in functions to operate differently? Want to pull people's data into a separate system? Integrate away!


It should be noted that there is a request-limit of 20 calls per minute before you’ll be temporarily blocked by our server. We would suggest writing the app to wait about 3.5 seconds per call just to be certain it stays under the threshold.


View Full API Documentation

Delays in syncing are expected as ping backs don’t happen immediately on either side of the integration. To limit traffic there’s a delay between how often an app or website can communicate and request information from Breeze.
As of Feb 1, 2020, we will no longer be able to provide support for our current API.
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