API-Advanced Custom Development

The Breeze API (application programming interface) allows churches to build custom functionality integrated with Breeze. To locate the API in your Breeze account simply navigate to

  1. Account Settings (Image_2020-05-07_at_1.31.50_PM.png)
  2. Manage Account
  3. API Key


If you have someone with programming talent in your community, that person can use the Breeze API to build your own custom applications on top of Breeze. Want the check in functions to operate differently? Want to pull people's data into a separate system? Integrate away!


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Delays in syncing are expected as ping backs don’t happen immediately on either side of the integration. To limit traffic there’s a delay between how often an app or website can communicate and request information from Breeze.
As of Feb 1, 2020, we will no longer be able to provide support for our current API.
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  • I was referred to this thread, but I had a specific question. If someone from my church has API knowledge, would they be able to adjust how the name tags are printed? The categories in the reference guide does not indicate anything about possibly changing the print options for the name tags or even changing the way the name tags look?

  • Hi @j6shin!

    Thanks for reaching out. Great question in what you're trying to accomplish in Breeze. However, this would be bumping in to some of our limitations and would not be possible to do at this time. 

    While this may not be the ideal answer you were hoping for, I do hope the information is helpful.

    Happy Breezing! 



  • it was my understanding that as Breeze was being rewritten that access to new APIs would eventually be available. Is there a time frame on when those APIs will be available?

  • @samstack

    Great question! There is currently no timeline for when the new API will be released. However, we will be releasing that information as the time grows closer. Thank you for your patience with us as we continue to develop Breeze to your needs. 

  • Stephen Ivey, it's been a month since you responded to the question above about the release of the new API. Is there a link you could send me where the developers are posting updates for this, or do you have any updates to provide?

  • I would also be interested in info about the new API. We are currently using a demo and a good, solid API would be a key factor in determining this as an option for our organization. Thanks!

  • I agree with ron and stephenwallace. You are no longer supporting the current API, but you're not telling customers and prospective customers when the new API is expected to be online? That is not the kind of service we expected from Breeze. Please give us some info on this transition.

  • @Stephen Ivey Any chance you or @Emily W could look into this API question and let us know?

  • Hello friends! 

    Kris here with Breeze Support. I get to lead the Technical Specialist Team and we are regularly having conversations with our Product and Development Team regarding the current API, as well as APIv2 so I wanted to take the time to respond to your questions and concerns here. 

    It was following much conversation that the decision was made to stop supporting questions related to the usage of the current API by our team. I'm happy to allow you guys a peak into that rationale. 

    In the spirit of honesty, if one of you guys who are used to working with API needs assistance with said API, it means that one of our Advisors of Specialists will not be suited to support you. That means it will take a Developer to assist. This means that your questions would be routed through our processes where it would wait to be assigned to an available Developer who would then pass along the answer to our team back to you guys. 

    This process, while not ideal, served us well for several years. However we recognized that it's not serving anyone (including you guys as end users) well. It adds a significant time barrier to your work for your local church when you have to wait for a response from us regarding your API needs. Thus, it's simply not practical to continue this level of support for the API. 

    Additionally, this is not an efficient or effective way to utilize our Development resources. Our teams were fielding 6-8 requests a week regarding the API and it was placing a large burden on our Developers to support question from fellow Developers, versus writing code. I recognize that this places more of a burden on each of you, however this is the best path forward as we strive to leverage our Developers in the best way possible - and that is writing code versus supporting end users. 

    In terms of timing for the release of APIv2: I'd love to give you an exact timeline (that is within the next 7 days even). However, for anyone accustomed to coding we recognize that these processes take time. We're working on an extremely ambitious project to re-write the underpinnings of Breeze and add in ways that you guys as end users can leverage Breeze in some really cool ways to benefit your church. We're also doing it as quickly as possible. With that being said, I just can't provide a firm timeline. Our goal is before the end of the year (ideally well before that mark), but it's going to take a lot of work to get there. 

    What do you do for now?

    While we won't be supporting your API questions via our Support Team, we did want to be sure you had options available for peer support with other end users. You can visit our Githhub Issues page, or the Facebook Users Group and interact with others who are leveraging Breeze in their local contexts.

    Thanks for your comments and feel free to reach out if you need any further clarification!


  • Yet another question about the timeframe for the new API. Any update?

  • Good Morning!

    Since my last update, there aren't too many updates that would be beneficial to share here. While I could tell you which Software Engineer is engaged in writing which section of Breeze, and their progress - it wouldn't actually be helpful for you guys. 

    What I can do is tell you that our team is working as diligently as possible to have the Breeze API v2 out in the wild as quickly as possible. There are scores of other improvements and projects we would love to do, and it relies on the upgraded API. Trust me when I tell you we want this finished as badly as you guys do. 

    As we get to the point of releasing the new API, know that we'll be sharing updates via our update emails as well as via social media so be sure to keep a lookout there!


  • Do you guys have like a Javascript API that we can use?


  • Hi @paolo,

    Great question. Unfortunately, we do not have an API for JavaScript. I apologize if that creates any inconveniences for you and your church! 

  • I'm developing a mobile app for our church and we're going to have the directory natively on there using the API. But I don't want the whole world to access people's private information so a login gate is required. Is there a way, using the Breeze API, to use the users Breeze login? My other option is to create a login separate for the app, but that isn't ideal.

  • @uncommonjoe


    Great question! Currently there is not the option to use their Breeze login outside of Breeze itself. What if you guys linked directly to the Breeze people page versus trying to have a native directory present?

  • Checking in to ask about the status of the new API being developed for Breeze.  Is it still happening?  Is there a timeline?  Even a teaser or some draft documentation would be nice.  Just trying to make plans & coordinate some of our projects with the features that will become available.


  • Hey there @Edtemail


    There are no public updates to make, however I would tell you that yes it is still happening, and yes our Software Engineers work on this every single day. Look for an email from me with some other information that could be helpful for you because I want you to be able to make your necessary plans and coordination. 





  • @Kris,


    I would love to be included in on that email. I'm actively developing a custom church app that will use Breeze API to pull the people for a directory behind a Firebase login wall. 

  • Sorry @uncommonjoe,


    One email a day...



    (I'm joking). Sending you something now.

  • Please add me as well

  • Is there a users group for assisting each other with using the API? I'd love to join a users group if one existed.

    Thank you. 


  • @gottagoglo

    Thanks so much for reaching out.  You can visit our Githhub Issues page, or the Facebook Users Group and interact with others who are leveraging Breeze in their local contexts.

    Hope this helps!

  • As I understand, the Breeze API is still under development.  Would it be possible to get some basic information so I can start researching POSSIBLE solutions?  Draft documentation?  Design skeletons? Something?  

    Even if we do not have access to the API specifics, any technical details would help prepare our rollout when the API is complete.  At the very least, we will know what components we can consider interfacing and start discussing functionality. 

  • @Edtemail, 

    Just responded via your email. Looking forward to chatting!

  • I have a specific question related to working with the API in python. I already have several functions working with the Breeze API but have run into a wall trying to update a person's information. I can access the information but every time I try to update I get a 200 code which I assume means the connection was successful, but the content has been stripped away. I have been assuming that I am formatting the information incorrectly, but nothing seems to work. I have tried to format it exacting as it is formatted when I receive a request for data, also as a python list, a python dictionary, and as json, but nothing works. What am I missing?

    If I am directing this question to the wrong place, please direct me where I can get the help.

  • Hello there,

    It appears that support for this API is no longer happening. I've been working with the Python version and filtering persons by tags doesn't seem to work at all. Not sure what to do at this point. Any word on getting out the new API that may be supported?


    Thank you in advance!

  • @aperkins: I have your email to the team and I'll respond there. 


    @kwbandy: Apologies for missing this comment. I'm creating an email ticket to respond there. 

  • I also have been awaiting information information for the new API. When can we expect some details? Thanks!

  • @jtinocos

    Thank you for your inquiry about the new API.  At this time, we are working diligently to finish a rewrite of our People section.  As this affects every area of Breeze, it has the bulk of our attention right now.  Once it is complete, we will be able to provide attention to other areas like API.  I'm sorry that I don't have more specific information for you on this, but I do want you to know that our team is busy with updates that will make Breeze even better for our users.

  • Hi there. I am hoping to sync my Breeze data with Excel so that I can automatically view it in excel without having to export it each time. I was wondering if you could provide instructions on how to link my Breeze data with Excel? I believe that I have to use the API but am not sure how. Thanks!