Log of Changes / Audit Trail

Overview: The Breeze log can be a powerful tool for administrators to review how Breeze is being used.

The log is designed to:

  • Record key actions that users take within Breeze
  • Help administrators better train users when they notice people making errors
  • Provide accountability for those using Breeze (such as those with access to modify contribution records)

The log is not designed to:

  • Be a comprehensive record of every action every user has taken1
  • Record every detail about a recorded action1

1 While logging every action and every detail of every action could be useful, we need to weigh this against performance issues so that Breeze operates quickly for all users. As a result, we are logging the information that is typically the most crucial to reference (such as edited and deleted records).

Accessing the Log

To access the log:

  1. Navigate to the "Account Settings" (Image_2020-05-07_at_1.31.50_PM.png) on the top right.
  2. Select "Manage Account" in the dropdown.
  3. Choose "Log" on the left side.
  4. Search by the criteria you'd like (such as date range, user and/or action).


Logged Actions

Breeze logs the following actions:


  • Email Sent
  • Text Sent


  • Contribution Added
  • Contribution Updated
  • Contribution Deleted
  • Contributions Bulk Deleted
  • Payment Method Updated
  • Payment Method Deleted
  • Bank Account Added
  • Bank Account Updated
  • Bank Transfer Day Changed
  • Bank Account Deleted
  • Payment Association Deleted
  • Payment Association Created
  • Import Contributions
  • Import Pledges
  • Pledges Bulk Deleted
  • Batch Renamed
  • Batch Deleted
  • Envelope Numbers Bulk Deleted


  • Event Created
  • Event Updated
  • Event Series Deleted
  • Event Instance Deleted
  • Event Future Instances Deleted
  • Calendar Created
  • Calendar Updated
  • Calendar Deleted
  • Attendance Bulk Imported
  • Attendance Deleted
  • Attendance Bulk Deleted


  • Person Created
  • Person Updated
  • Person Deleted
  • Person Archived
  • Person Merged
  • People Updated
  • Bulk Update People
  • Bulk Delete People
  • Bulk Archive People
  • Import People
  • Notes Bulk Deleted


  • Tag Created
  • Tag Updated
  • Tag Deleted
  • Tags Bulk Deleted
  • Tag Folder Created
  • Tag Folder Updated
  • Tag Folder Deleted
  • Tag Assigned
  • Tag Unassigned


  • Form Created
  • Form Updated
  • Form Deleted
  • From Entry Updated
  • Form Entry Deleted

Follow Ups

  • Follow Up Option Created
  • Follow Up Option Updated
  • Follow Up Option Deleted


  • User Created
  • User Updated
  • User Deleted
  • Role Created
  • Role Updated
  • Role Deleted


  • Subscription Payment Method Updated


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  • I show a number of "attendance deleted" actions along with an "event instance number" for the event connected to the action. How do I find out which event the number corresponds to? Also, is this action usually a matter of someone accidentally marking someone as attending and then undoing that action for a single individual?

  • @jkupitz

    Great questions!  In order to find the event that the "event instance number" is referring to, you can pull up any event from the Events page.  At the end of the URL, you'll see a number for that event. 

    You can simply replace that number with the one from the Log in order to pull up the correct event that corresponds to the log entry.

    To your second question about why an attendance record would be deleted, yes, it is usually because somebody accidentally checked in a person who was not actually there.

    Hope this helps!