Log of Changes / Audit Trail

Overview: The Breeze log can be a powerful tool for administrators to review how Breeze is being used.

The log is designed to:

  • Record key actions that users take within Breeze
  • Help administrators better train users when they notice people making errors
  • Provide accountability for those using Breeze (such as those with access to modify contribution records)

The log is not designed to:

  • Be a comprehensive record of every action every user has taken1
  • Record every detail about a recorded action1

1 While logging every action and every detail of every action could be useful, we need to weigh this against performance issues so that Breeze operates quickly for all users. As a result, we are logging the information that is typically the most crucial to reference (such as edited and deleted records).

Accessing the Log

To access the log:

  1. Navigate to the "Account Settings" (Image_2020-05-07_at_1.31.50_PM.png) on the top right.
  2. Select "Manage Account" in the dropdown.
  3. Choose "Log" on the left side.
  4. Search by the criteria you'd like (such as date range, user and/or action).


Logged Actions

Important: The log records actions in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time), which ensures consistency but may differ from your local time zone.

Breeze logs the following actions:


  • Text Sent


  • Contribution Added
  • Contribution Updated
  • Contribution Deleted
  • Contributions Bulk Deleted
  • Payment Method Updated
  • Payment Method Deleted
  • Bank Account Added
  • Bank Account Updated
  • Bank Transfer Day Changed
  • Bank Account Deleted
  • Payment Association Deleted
  • Payment Association Created
  • Import Contributions
  • Import Pledges
  • Pledges Bulk Deleted
  • Batch Renamed
  • Batch Deleted
  • Envelope Numbers Bulk Deleted


  • Event Created
  • Event Updated
  • Event Series Deleted
  • Event Instance Deleted
  • Event Future Instances Deleted
  • Calendar Created
  • Calendar Updated
  • Calendar Deleted
  • Attendance Bulk Imported
  • Attendance Deleted
  • Attendance Bulk Deleted


  • Person Created
  • Person Updated
  • Person Deleted
  • Person Archived
  • Person Merged
  • People Updated
  • Bulk Update People
  • Bulk Delete People
  • Bulk Archive People
  • Import People
  • Notes Bulk Deleted


  • Tag Created
  • Tag Updated
  • Tag Deleted
  • Tags Bulk Deleted
  • Tag Folder Created
  • Tag Folder Updated
  • Tag Folder Deleted
  • Tag Assigned
  • Tag Unassigned


  • Form Created
  • Form Updated
  • Form Deleted
  • Form Entry Updated
  • Form Entry Deleted

Follow Ups

  • Follow Up Option Created
  • Follow Up Option Updated
  • Follow Up Option Deleted


  • User Created
  • User Updated
  • User Deleted
  • Role Created
  • Role Updated
  • Role Deleted

Note: The User ID can be found in the Log and also by using the browser's "Inspector" tool when in the Users section of Breeze. From a technical perspective, we store the User ID number string and then translate it to show the username (or name) in the log.


  • Subscription Payment Method Updated