Import Attendance

Importing attendance allows you to add or remove attendance history for one or more events.

To Import Attendance

  1. Navigate to the "Account Settings" (mceclip3.png)
  2. Choose "Bulk Tasks"
  3. Select "More" (on the left side) 
  4. Choose "Import Attendance" (on the left)
  5. Download the template file and populate it with your attendance data
  6. Import the revised file using the "Import Attendance File" button. Use the key below for determining how to populate the data.




Breeze will automatically create the events for you, assuming each unique event name should be a different series. An event will only be created if there are attendance records associated with that date. For recurring events, Breeze will attempt to find the pattern and create future events for you to use.1

Understanding Fields on the File




Breeze ID
If a person is not in the database, add them. If there’s a large number of people not in the database, bulk import them. Be sure that the person is not in the database with a slightly different name as creating them as a new person will create a duplicate person. If duplicates are created, they can be merged (individually).
Integer or "Anonymous" 102301231
First Name
Technically speaking, the first name field is ignored by the import (the Breeze ID is the only identifier used). The first name field is for the benefit of the person constructing the import file.
String (optional)


Last Name
Technically speaking, the last name field is ignored by the import (the Breeze ID is the only identifier used). The last name field is for the benefit of the person constructing the import file.
String (optional)


Event Name
The name of the event. All names that match will be considered in the same series.
String Jr High Youth Group
Kid Zone
Wed Night Small Group
Vacation Bible School
Date (mm/dd/yyyy) + Time (if applicable)
Each row should contain the date (see downloadable template).  Include the time if the event occurs at a specific time in the calendar. 
Number 5/25/18
05/25/18 10:30am
5/25/18 9am
If left blank, the person will automatically be included as "attended". To prevent a person from being checked in either enter a -1 or delete the row with their name.  When using Anonymous enter the number of people who attended the event but not named. 
 Number or blank


If there are more than 5 events matching a regular pattern without exception (i.e. occurring weekly), Breeze will automatically create additional events extending into the future following the same pattern. If you don't want these, you can later delete all future events in the series from a given date.

Importing Attendance for Tag-Specific Eligibility

If you have an event that is eligible by specific tags or from a form, you export that specific list to help populate your template. 

Here's how: 

  1. Go to Events
  2. Click on your event and choose "view details"
  3. Click "reports"
  4. Choose "download as excel" and then open the excel document
  5. Delete any columns past Column C (Last Name) so you should be left with Breeze ID, First Name, Last Name. 
  6. In cell D1 write, "Event Name"
  7. In cell E1 write, "Date"
  8. In cell F1 write, "Count"
  9. Fill in all rows that have a Breeze ID in column A with content in columns D, E, & F
  10. To prevent someone from being checked into the event either delete the row with their name or put -1 in the count cell.
  11. Save as a CSV
  12. Upload into the Bulk Import Attendance tool. 

Removing the Attendance Record of a Person

If you accidentally checked in a person or group of people and need to check them out, make the "count" column -1.  This will uncheck a person from an event. 


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