Bulk Delete

If you've ever imported a large quantity of information and realized that there's something wrong or missing and you wish you had an "undo" button - you're in luck! 

The Bulk Delete tool will allow you to delete specific categories (People, Tags, Giving, Attendance, Envelope Numbers, Notes) that were created within a certain time frame. 

To access the Delete tool:

  1. Navigate to the Account Settings (mceclip3.png)
  2. Select Bulk Tasks
  3. Click More (on the left)
  4. Choose Delete Data.

mceclip7.png  mceclip8.png

Why would I want to use this tool?

If you recently imported a large group of people but forgot to include a profile field, you can delete the group and start over. 

If you imported contributions but had the wrong names lined up, you can delete and start over, 

If the attendance that you imported was not done correctly, you can delete and start over.

Essentially this tool is meant to be a do-over for actions taken recently, or over all time.  


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  • Is it necessary to do a 'Bulk Delete' of Envelope numbers before doing a 'Bulk Entry' of Envelope numbers?

  • Hi @rosemarieg97

    If you choose to use the Bulk Import for Giving Envelopes, and you do not remove the people who already have envelope numbers, duplicates will be created.

    Donations that are inputted through envelope number are never deleted just because an envelope number is deleted. Contributions remain attached by the person's profile as soon as they are created.