Getting Started with Bulk Tasks


Combining Duplicate Profiles

This tool allows you to identify and merge duplicate profiles together in Breeze quickly, combining multiple records for the same individual into one.
Bulk Delete The Bulk Delete tool will allow you to delete specific categories (People, Tags, Giving, Attendance, Envelope Numbers, Notes) that were created within a certain time frame. This can be really helpful if you are Importing data and make a mistake!

Bulk tasks allow you to complete tasks in Bulk within Breeze. Bulk tasks should be completed with caution as you are making Bulk changes to the database. 

Each of the tasks below requires downloading a template, making changes to your template, saving the file as a .CSV and then reuploading the excel file into Breeze. 2020-06-04_13-55-13.png

Bulk Update People  This option allows you to update existing people in bulk by downloading an Excel file, making the desired changes, and then re-uploading the Excel file. 
Import People Importing people allows you to add multiple people into Breeze all at once using an excel file.
Import Tags Importing tags allows you to add people to tags using Excel spreadsheet files.
Import Giving The Importing Giving option allows historical contribution records to be imported into Breeze. Users may want to do this to populate Breeze with data from a previous database or regularly import giving files received from a 3rd party online payment solution.
Import Pledges Using the Importing Pledges tool allows you to bulk import pledges into your Breeze database.  This will allow for a much quicker and easier process when trying to import a larger group of pledges at one time.
Import Attendance Importing attendance allows you to add or remove attendance history for one or more events using an excel spreadsheet.
Import Users Importing users allows you to bulk import a number of users at the same time. This can be especially useful when you need to create a large number of accounts for church members to use.
Import Giving Envelopes Importing envelope numbers allows envelope numbers to be matched with individuals so that contributions can be added by only using the envelope number as the reference for who gave the contribution. While envelope numbers can be added individually, importing them allows multiple envelope numbers to be added at once.
Import Notes

Importing notes allow you to bulk import a number of notes at the same time to the notes section of profiles.

Import Barcodes Importing barcodes allows you to bulk add barcodes used for check-in scanning.