Import Giving

Importing giving allows historical contribution records to be imported into Breeze. Users may want to do this to populate Breeze with data from a previous database or regularly import giving files received from a 3rd party online payment solution.

To Import Contributions

  1. Navigate to the Account Settings (mceclip3.png) > Bulk Tasks > Import Giving."
  2. In the bottom right, use the drop-down to select the format of the file you'll be providing Breeze.1
  3. Download the template file. Ensure that your import file matches the template format.
  4. Import your file. Your file will be verified prior to importing.

Following the import, we recommend checking that the sums match the original data. 

For importing pledges, see Import Pledges

1 If loading data from a previous church management system, we recommend using the Generic format. If you don't see your giving platform on the list, let us know via email and we can let you know if it can be added to the list. 

Import field information is case sensitive. (ex. If a fund name starts with a capital letter, then the fund listed in the fund field must also begin with a capital letter)

There is a limit to the number of batches that can be imported. If this is breached the batches will show to be the number 2,147,483,647. Once this number is reached all batches will reflect this number moving forward, and all batches beyond this will be linked together since they can't move past this limit. The likely scenario here is that an incorrect Batch number was imported by a file. To resolve this erorr simply delete the batches and re-import using the correct Batch number. 

Understanding Fields on the File

While different file formats have different columns, below you'll find the general categories used.




Breeze ID
If a person is not in the database, add them. If there’s a large number of people not in the database, bulk import them. Be sure that the person is not in the database with a slightly different name as creating them as a new person will create a duplicate person. If duplicates are created, they can be merged (individually).
Processor ID
If importing from a third party provider, this is the ID associated with the person in the third party system. Breeze will prompt you to associate this ID with the corresponding profile within Breeze (if not already associated). Some third-party providers will use their own unique ID while others will use a phone number or an address.
123 Main Street Ave SE
First Name
Technically speaking, the first name field is ignored by the import (the Breeze ID is the only identifier used). The first name field is for the benefit of the person constructing the import file.
String (optional) Jack
Last Name
Technically speaking, the last name field is ignored by the import (the Breeze ID is the only identifier used). The last name field is for the benefit of the person constructing the import file.
String (optional) Anderson
Date mm/dd/yyyy 1/1/2012
Be sure to remove any text or currency symbols.
Float 100
If the fund name does not match an existing fund, a new fund with that name will be automatically created. Funds can be merged afterward if a new fund was accidentally created. When importing, rows can only contain one fund. Split funds should be entered as two separate contributions.
String General Fund
Student Ministries
Spring Fundraiser
Building Fund
If the method name does not match an existing method name, a new method with that name will be automatically created. Methods can be merged afterward if a new method was accidentally created.
String Check
Credit/Debit Online
Credit/Debit Offline
Donated Goods (FMV)
Stocks (FMV)
Direct Deposit
Carrier Pigeon
Batch Number
We recommend adding batch numbers grouped by date (oldest to newest) starting at 100 and incrementing up by one for each subsequent date. For example:
Date Batch
1/1/2012 100
1/1/2012 100
1/8/2012 101
1/8/2012 101
1/15/2012 102
Integer 100
Batch Name
If a batch name is already defined, names in subsequent rows with the same batch number will be ignored.
String (optional) Sunday 11:00 Giving
Wednesday PM Giving
Mid-July Fundraiser
Check Number Integer (optional) 100
Note String (optional) Part of bulk import
Import from old system


Manage Associations

Some import formats require you to link the ID of the 3rd party payment provider with the person within Breeze that number should associate with. You will be prompted to do this when importing the file for any associations that do not currently exist.

To Import Anonymous Giving from PayPal you will need to create an Anonymous person in your database to record all this giving under, as there is no Breeze ID or Processor ID field in the PayPal template.

To view or delete associations that already exist:

  1. Navigate to the Account Settings (mceclip3.png)> Bulk Tasks > Import Giving."
  2. Click "Manage Associations" in the bottom left.
  3. Delete any associations you'd like to remove by clicking the "X" to the right of the row.
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  • What does "Anonymous" do when used as a Breeze ID?  Does it create a new member, or does it just tag the entry as needing Association with an existing member at a later time.  I am frustrated by having to make Associations during the Import for hundreds of entries.

  • Can I import bank statement transactions using Breeze ID and record Envelope Number?

  • @revdrdavidalexander

    I believe I would need a little bit more clarity here to know exactly what you mean. If you have a recurring gift set up in another payment processor and then import that information into breeze, then your recurring gift would still be active through whatever platform it initiated from. Prayerfully, this answers your question… However, if it doesn't please let us know!

  • What permissions do I give to the user roles with contributions? They don't see bulk task options. 

    • You show "Processor ID" as an integer, but all your examples are text (varchar). 
    • Also, seems like this field is optional? 
    • How is "Batch Number" used by the database, or is it also optional?
  • @diosecpa To better serve you, do you mind sending our support team an email? You can reach us at I want to make sure we are understanding your questions and believe we can serve you better that way. 

  • @fondachang

    Great question! If you would like your users to be able to perform import giving tasks as well, then you will want to make sure that their role has access for permission to bulk tasks. This will give him the ability to import giving along with the other Contribution functions that they already have.

    Please let us know if there's anything else we can do to assist you!

  • when importing giving on credit cards - does the auto deductions continue to run?