Users and Roles Video


Users & Roles

Give others access to Breeze with varying levels of permissions.

Add as many users as you'd like into Breeze. Give users different roles with access and permissions that you control, and change permissions for a group of users quickly and easily through the use of roles. Watch the video above for more on Users & Roles.

We have had a few navigational changes since this video was initially created, we are working to get these updated. To access Users and Roles you will need to Navigate to the "Account Settings"(Image_2020-05-07_at_1.31.50_PM.png) on the top right and Select Users and Roles. 

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  • There needs to be a explanation of the various levels of user permissions, and there needs to be more levels of permission to allow various users to function in multiple roles.  Perhaps Windows 10 permissions could be used?  For example, our treasurer needs to have access to contributions, batching, and transfers, but not to modify the persons database.

  • Hi @hchildsjr!

    I would be happy to explain some different examples of how user permissions can be used. Each church sets them up a bit differently so there is no wrong way which is why there is no set explanation of the different levels.This makes it simple for churches to customize their Users and Roles.

    This page gives you an example description of how these permissions can be used. You can edit or change them to fit your particular ministry needs. 

    "For example, our treasurer needs to have access to contributions, batching, and transfers, but not to modify the persons database." This is possible! When you select the pencil icon on any role, you can edit the permissions to reflect this need. If you want to set up your own role for treasurer you can do that as well.


    1. Add New Role

    2. Create Name and Description

    3. Your permissions are listed below- only select Contributions:




    If you still have further questions on Users and Roles, don't hesitate to reach out, we’re here and happy to serve from 9am - 6pm (Eastern), Monday - Friday, either by phone (888.320.6030) or by email.


  • This was exactly what I needed.  Thanks for being so clear and concise.

  • Hi there, is it possible to set up a role for our team admin that needs to be able to have the members role (edit their profile, etc) and check in members and add visitors all from a single login? Thanks

  • @brit1brit

    Thanks for reaching out to the breeze community!

    It is possible for you to have access to both of those things through one login. All you have to do, is make sure that you add my profile permissions to that role! After that, you will need to connect your profile to the user so that The right profile is connected to it! 

    If you have any additional questions concerning this, don't hesitate about us know!

  • Is it possible to give a user permission to manage volunteers for only one calendar but view the events for all?  I want my Parish Education committee to be able to manage volunteers for the Sunday School calendar and have view only access to our Main Calendar (not be able to manage volunteers). 

  • @messiahroseau

    Great question here! Unfortunately, this would be a limitation of Breeze as the permissions for Events are not that granular. Giving permissions to manage or edit events would give them the ability to edit them for every calendar they had access to see. 


  • I'm curious how to let our congregation members update their info but making sure they're only allowed to update their own? Is this possible? Particularly with contact info and then what options we have with how much info we want to have available that others can view. 

  • @nboone

    Great question! The answer is Yes -- this is precisely how Breeze is designed to work. You can find out more information in the following articles:

    Please let us know if there's anything else that we can do for you!

  • Are there any plans to add the ability to assign multiple roles? Or perhaps leverage the existing tags function to assign permissions?

    I currently have, more or less, the same permissions applied to several people, but have ministry specific permissions assigned to each of them. Whenever I need to adjust the permissions for everyone, I have to go through every single role and update the permission.

    Ideally I’d like to apply a “Basic Permissions” role to them all, and be able to supplement their permissions with roles like “Kids Ministry” or “Accounting” that offers special permissions, while still being able to change permissions broadly with a single action.

  • Hello @mbabler!


    Thanks so much for writing into us today! 

    You bring up really great points about how our software can improve. I am an admin at my church too and I can definitely see the need for adding these types of features to add the ability to assign multiple roles, leveraging tags to assign permissions, and being able to do more broad strokes when editing permissions. 


    I would love to invite you to fill out a feature request so that we can continue to improve in the ways you suggested. You can fill out a feature request here: Submitting Feature Requests 


    Though I wish we had a solution for you today, we do appreciate your feedback and hope to improve with your suggestions. 




  • We are seeking a way for people to make their pledge to the annual pledge campaign (general support) online. Breeze does not allow people to enter their own pledges. So it is suggested you create a form for them to enter a pledge, and then the treasurer can input the pledge into their account on breeze. BUT - how do you restrict access to the data entered via this form? Many people need to have "forms" access to see sign ups for events. But we don't want all those people to see the pledge amount!  Can you restrict a particular form? Or how to churches who use forms for pledge amounts handle the confidentiality?  (OR... why can't Breeze capture PLEDGES in the individual online giving form??) Many thanks! - Sharon (communications director, volunteer role, helping support comms for pledge campaign)

  • @communications great question! I can understand why it is very important to keep the pledge information confidential and would love to help with this! You can restrict which forms each role has access to inside of Users & Roles!  Head to the Account Settings (gear looking icon in the upper right hand corner). Choose Users and Roles. Edit each role that needs editing by clicking the pencil icon to the right of each role. Here's what you'll edit: Forms > Only Access Certain Forms > Restrict Access From > (choose pledge form). I hope that helps! 

  • That is very helpful! But it seems like you would have to create new roles every time you add new form categories, rather than give existing users access to new forms. So if we decide that we don't want all admins having access to a new pledge form, we have to create a new role like "Admin with pledge access" and then change regular "admin" to restrict from pledge form, and change everyone over from admin to being admin with specialized rights. Because you can't add new admin rights for forms (checking "view pledge form" as a right for the few people who can see it), you can only restrict the right for everyone else (restrict access from pledge form).

    And if we decide we don't want people to have access to info about children's events, we would have to add and "admin with children info" and change the regular admin role to restrict info about children's sign-ups, etc?  So you are creating a lot of specialized role rather than more general admin rights. Am I getting that right? 

    And, how do we create a page where we embed a form such as this plus the online giving form?

  • @communications If you decide that you don't want all admins having access to a newly created pledge form, it would be easier to give all admins access to the forms you want them to see. That way you would not have to create new roles every time a new form is added! It would restrict those roles to ONLY the forms you've given them access to. This is the reverse of what we discussed earlier. Here's how: Users and Roles > Roles > Forms> Only Access Certain Forms> Allow Access to. That way, when a new form is created, they will not automatically have access to it.

    Regarding the restriction to children's events, if you want certain users to have access children's events and other users to not have access to children's events, then you would need different roles. One with children's event access and one without. 

    Here's a great resource on how to embed forms: 

    It may be helpful to talk through with an Advisor and we'd be happy to do that! You can reach us at:

  • Is there a way to assign a user to someone who was inputted manually into the system


  • Hey @jimmy! There's certainly a way to do this!

    If they don't already have an existing user, you can simply start by Creating a New User

    Attaching a Profile to a User may help here as well if this is an existing profile and an existing user and you're trying to link these two together. Make sure their role has access to "My Profile" here. 

    Feel free to reach us at for additional questions.