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    Jodi Baron

    Does the church pay this per transaction fee or does the user pay it with each transaction? How are they alerted to this additional fee? And where does the money donated go? What are the security risks and how are deposits verified?

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    Emily W.

    Hello Rector!

    The church covers the transaction fee. We advise churches to add text to the top of the online giving page letting donors know about the fees and asking them to consider giving a small percentage more than their intended amount to help cover those fees.Here is a link that explains more of our online giving fees: Online Giving Fees

    For churches and ministries that choose to embed Online Giving into their website we recommend SSL Certification on the website as well. The church website acts as another layer in which malicious users can try to intercept personal data and the encrypted connection means that only the correct recipient is able to read the data.

    At Breeze, we take every step we're able to in an effort to keep your data safe! Help us help you! Check with your domain name registrar to see if they have digital certification available for purchase or go through a reliable SSL certificate authority to secure your church website today.

    For more detailed information on how we keep your data safe, check out our Security webpage.

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    So is the total amount of online giving fees added to the $50 monthly fee each month?

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    Emily W.

    Hey leicj7613! 

    No it is not. When someone donates online, the church will see the fee percentage come out in the net deposit. Breeze allows users to view a report showing the details of your online transactions, including fees. 

    Happy Breezing!

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