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    How can you create a form using the app?  I'm not able to use the drag and drop on my tablet to build the form.



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    Very good question!  Because of the way forms are set up through the drag and drop and dynamic tools, mobile devices do not support creating forms or adding new profile fields.  Almost everything works from the mobile app exactly how it works within the desktop version except for a couple of things - one of which is the ability to create forms.  I am sorry about that. 
    We would be happy to troubleshoot some alternatives with you if you'd like to Contact Support


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    After creating a form and saving it, will all data entered be saved in the church database? Can I create a new member form that people can sign up on their phone and have all data be inserted into database automatically?

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    Hey eaustin!

    Through saving the form you can definitely have that data saved in your database and update people's profiles from their form entries. Check out this article to see the details on connecting the form to a person .

    Let us know if you need anything else!

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    Hello,  I want make sure Form entries are kept confidential, so that only the creator of the form or other designated appropriate people can view the form results. Does this happen automatically or do I have to indicate who can view them?



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    Emily W.

    Hi Aoife!

    Great question. That would have to be designated in Users and Roles. As long as that Form permission, has only been selected for the creator of the form or other designated appropriate people, then no one else would be able to see that.

    Hope this is helpful! 

    Let us know if you need anything else. You can always Contact Support



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