Creating and Editing Methods for Giving Transactions (Check/Cash/Card/etc.)

Learn how to customize the list of transaction methods in Breeze for recording giving. This guide covers adding new methods, such as 'cash,' 'check,' or 'stocks,' and deleting existing ones. Discover the steps to modify transaction methods, ensuring accurate record-keeping. Additionally, understand how Breeze automatically categorizes online and text giving transactions, simplifying the process. Be cautious when deleting methods, as associated transactions will be transferred and cannot be undone.

When recording giving transactions, users can select the method of the transaction (e.g. 'cash', 'check,' 'stocks,' etc.). To modify the list of methods:

  1. Navigate to Giving.
  2. Click "Methods" on the left (after clicking "More").
  3. Click "New Method" in the upper right.
  4. Provide a name and click "Create Method."

Note: Breeze Online Giving Gifts will come in as Online (Card), or Online (ACH). Text Giving will come in with a method of Text (Card), and Text (ACH). These methods will automatically create themselves the first time Online or Text to Give is used.

Deleting a Method: If you choose to delete a method, all giving transactions associated with this method will be transferred to the selected method below. Please be cautious, as this action cannot be undone.