Tax-Deductible Funds Vs Non-Tax Deductible Funds

Overview: How to create Non-Tax Deductible Funds that will not, by default, show up on an End of the Year Giving Statement. 

Often times a church may want to collect funds in their Breeze account that are Non-Tax Deductible, meaning that it went toward a camp registration, or an event, or anything else that is not considered a "donation".

When instances like this occur, a church can set up a fund (or several funds) that are designated as "non-tax deductible" so that the contributions will not show up on an End-Of-Year Giving Statement. 

Note: Individual contributions cannot be designated Tax Deductible or Non-Tax Deductible - it must come from the Fund that they are assigned to. 

To designate a fund as Non-Tax Deductible, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Giving
  2. Select "Funds" from the left-side column
  3. Either choose to edit (click the pencil icon) an existing fund or choose "Add Fund"
  4. Uncheck the box that says "This Fund is Tax Deductible" 
Non-Tax Deductible Funds can show up in end-of-year giving statements if you choose the mail merge option in the statement customization area of "Non Tax Deductible"