Tax-Deductible Funds Vs Non-Tax Deductible Funds

Overview: How to create Non-Tax Deductible Funds that will not, by default, show up on an End of the Year Giving Statement. 

Often times a church may want to collect funds in their Breeze account that are Non-Tax Deductible, meaning that it went toward a camp registration, or an event, or anything else that is not considered a "donation".

When instances like this occur, a church can set up a fund (or several funds) that are designated as "non-tax deductible" so that the contributions will not show up on an End-Of-Year Giving Statement. 

Note: Individual contributions cannot be designated Tax Deductible or Non-Tax Deductible - it must come from the Fund that they are assigned to. 

To designate a fund as Non-Tax Deductible follow these steps:

  1. Click On "More" in the top right corner
  2. Click "Contributions"
  3. Select "Funds" from the left-side column
  4. Either choose to edit (click the pencil icon) an existing fund, or choose "Add Fund"
  5. Uncheck the box that says "This Fund is Tax Deductible" 
Non-Tax Deductible Funds can show up in end-of-year giving statements if you choose the mail merge option in the statement customization area of "Non Tax Deductible" 




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  • In the second image on this page, what does the little suitcase icon next to the "Building 2020" fund mean?

  • Hey @cterwedo!

    That is noting that it is a non-tax deductible fund. These funds don't show up automatically on a giving statement and have to be mail merged in to get this data on a statement.

  • Can I create a contribution report that filters out all of the non-tax deductible funds without selecting every tax-deductible fund individually?

  • Hi @bookkeeper,

    This may sound like a funny solution, but what I've done in the past is selected all of my funds I normally report on (excluding the non-tax deductible funds), and then I just bookmark that page on my browser. Breeze will remember that unique website code so when you load that report, it will have already populated your tax-deductible funds. 

    Other than that solution, this would be a great feature request to submit. Something like a "template" that loads when you open Reports. Here's our form for feature requests: 


  • I've created a non-tax deductible fund to collect money for our retreat (it has the little suitcase). Is there a way to give to that fund through our giving page? Or how can people use their credit card to pay for retreat through that fund on Breeze. When I click through our giving page it does not appear as a fund option.

  • Hi @laurad! Yes you can enable that fund to show on your online giving page using these instructions: 

    If you're looking to make a form registration for the retreat, you could try accepting payments through a form. This will only be available for those paying with credit / debit cards. 

    I hope this helps! Please feel free to reach out to for additional help here.