Archiving Forms

You may find yourself wanting to clean up your list of forms but may not want to delete a form in case you want to reference it later. In these cases, we recommend archiving the form. Archiving a form removes it from the list of forms as well as disabling people from responding to the form, and you can still reference it later or even restore it if you'd like to use it again sometime.

To archive a form

  1. Navigate to "More > Forms."
  2. Click the archive icon to the right of the form you'd like to archive.
  3. Click "OK" to confirm you want to archive the form.


To restore an archived form

  1. Navigate to "More > Forms."
  2. Click the drop-down arrow to the right of the "Create New Form" button. From the drop-down, select "View Archived Forms."
  3. Click the restore icon to the right of the form you'd like to restore.



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  • I archived all the forms organized into a folder on the Forms page. The folder is still showing there even if it is empty. Can I archive the folder too? It'd also be nice to archive an entire folder of forms in one go. Use case: Say you have a folder of different forms for an event. The event ends, and it's time to clean up a little. Archive the folder - boom, your done. That'd be ideal!

    I tried a clumsy work-around since I can't remove the empty folder because it says that it still have forms in it: I restored all the forms, removed them from the folder, and then archived the forms one-by-one. Then, I tried to remove the folder and it still won't let me! Sigh...

    I would appreciate some help or simply passing along some suggestions to the dev team. This empty folder business is really messing with my sense of organization! lol


  • Hey Deb, 

    You are totally right! It would be neat to be able to Archive an entire folder at once. I can see how that would be really helpful. If you'd like to submit a feature request for this idea, you can do that here: Submitting Feature Requests

    The good news is that you can delete empty folders! Simply hovering over the folder and selecting the "X" should do the trick! It will look like this:

    Hope this helps!

  • When you archive a form, does it still show up in the member's profile if they submitted an entry for it?

  • Hey @breeze!
    This is a great question! I just tested this out on my demo to see. As it turns out, yes, when you archive a form it should still show a person's form entry under their profile in the "Forms" section on the left-hand side. :)
    I hope this helps! Have a great day.