How To Collect Visitor Information

Learn how to efficiently gather visitor information by creating customizable forms that can be easily accessed on a desktop or iPad. This guide not only demonstrates how to design and save your form but also outlines versatile sharing options, including direct links, embedding on your website, and QR codes. Discover the convenience of collecting form responses and the seamless process of creating new profiles from these entries, optimizing your data collection for events, registrations, or feedback.

To Create a Form

  1. Navigate to Forms.
  2. Click Create New Form on the top-right.
  3. Select the type of Form you want to create.
  4. Drag the fields you'd like to include from the left, over to the Form.
  5. Rename your form by clicking on Untitled Form, and add a header image if desired.
  6. Click Create Form to save your form. 


How to share a form

  1. Navigate to Forms.
  2. Click Share Form under the form you'd like to share.
  3. Use one of the available options listed below to share the form:
    • Form Address - A link to the form that you can direct people to, email to others, and post to Facebook and other social media sites.
    • Link - Have your web developer include a link to the form from your website.
    • Embed - Embed the form directly on your website.
      • This option can be used on an iPad or Desktop in a foyer. Leave the website page open and ensure that the iPads autofill capabilities are turned off in settings.
    • QR Code - You can also share your forms using a QR code. 

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